Hotel Recluse

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green_hospitality.png Hotel Recluse
2011-07-27 19.12.57.png
Owner Machines_Are_Us
Category Hospitality
Underground? Perhaps
Public? No
Coordinates X=4431
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

There is not much to say about this place really. AgentMuu Was tired of having "ugly" cobble structures cropping up around the Isle of Muu, and when Machines_Are_Us expressed interest in starting a new project, Muu suggested that he build nearby so as to discourage new players from surrounding the area with undesirable buildings.

The building itself is designed into four sections, each being a modest sized place for any user who wishes to claim them. One fun-fact about the place is that the destination given to Machines by Muu happened to be on top of an island owned by Lothendal, at which point amusement was had before a request for it to be moved was made.

Another exciting picture.

An Exciting Discovery Is About To Be Revealed

Hotel Recluse has fallen into disrepair ever since the Great War. Beneath it's crumbling and rotten walls lies a secret that has lain dormant for hundreds of years. Now that secret is about to spill forth into the Wastela- ... Freedonia.