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green_castles.png Inselstadt
Owner Enjoku
Contributors Enjoku
Category Castles
Underground? Yes
Coordinates X=-7010
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Inselstadt is a huge complex of towers, buildings, walls and houses at the far icy outskirts of the southern expansion area.


Inselstadt is one of the most remote settlements in Freedonia. It is located all the way at the edge of the southern expansion and the closest nexus link is New Louisville at 3000 blocks away. The closest warp is Vizima, but the walk from Vizima to Mystery Castle is still extremely long. There is no road link.

Mystery Castle

Inselstadt hasn't been a well known place until hprick found it on the map and decided to take the walk all the way from his home in Dandelion Town, hoping for some inspiration or maybe at least some loot. He was very surprised to find only a few locked chests and he saw that the vast majority of the rooms and houses didn't have any interior whatsoever. After some walking around, he decided to ask if anyone knew anything about this place, since there were very little signs of activity. Nobody knew who built it, the only one having knowledge of its existence at the time was treepuncher755. aggrievedCanine and johnchaser123 immediately came to the scene to investigate, only to find out nothing about the owner. There wasn't even a name to be found. The group agreed to call the place Mystery Castle until someone claims a name for it. The next day FlyingJellyfish confirmed Enjoku is working on it.


As visible on the map, the settlement consists of a huge building with many towers at the south and another huge building with mostly high roofed buildings on an elevated piece of land with a couple of towers surrounding it. The Western part consists of a short road and a residential area with a fountain in the middle. All the different parts are connected by roads and stairs. One of the walls goes on far into the west beyond the castle itself, indicating that the builder was planning on expanding the castle far into the woods.