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'I always have buildings in hip towns, and this place seems pretty hip' - SlowRiot

green_towns.png Vizima

Server-side render of Vizima as seen from the south-east corner in November 2014

Founder Liastrae
Contributors jonathanpanda FlyingJellyfish
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? Partially
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes (Mushiana Route)
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-5493
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Vizima is a town built mainly by Liastrae, with help from jonathanpanda, FlyingJellyfish and other server regulars. It is located around The Accord's Head's House. It is a moderately sized town with a PvP Arena, a Spleef Arena, farms, shops, housing and a Pigchinko Arena. Originally titled 'the Accord town', it got quite a lot a publicity when information was released saying people owning properties in Vizima would be spared from PvP by The Accord.

Many have said that they like the very neat and posh aesthetic of the town, as well as how (unintentionally) organised the place is. Houses in the town vary in size, from huge (the Head's House) to tiny (Mini Supply Huts). The town currently has nothing built in the sky, with the exception of FlyingJellyfish's flying jellyfish, which hovers to the left of the Head's House.


A map view of the town, June 2012

Vizima started off as a little idea in Liastrae's mind, after having built the Head's House with jonathanpanda and ModernMyth7. He thought the grandiose building looked bare and lonely, standing alone in the middle of a desert. Thinking a booming community would suit the house, Liastrae sought out to build a town. Day by day, the settlement was getting larger and larger. Shops sprung up, and people were buying houses like there was no tomorrow, and with help from jonathanpanda and FlyingJellyfish, they had built a new Pigchinko arena in no more than three days. To this day the new town is ever increasing in size, with more and more people flooding in day by day. The town is also starting to get so large, Liastrae is fond of separating the town off into districts, possibly with a Head in charge of each portion. In the future, Liastrae hopes to have a free-form building section, with a large flat area for people to make interesting and arty sculptures and/or pixel arts, to further entice people to visit the town.


Like all towns, Vizima is mainly composed of buildings, all made by hand, with exception of the flooring, which was made using Craftbook bridges.

Head's House

The Head's House is the centre building of Vizima, as well as the first and largest. It was originally made by Liastrae, ModernMyth7 and jonathanpanda over the period of around three weeks; a home and lair for the Accord. The large size and grand look of the building has been complimented by many, and the aesthetic was copied into the rest of the town.

Houses/Living Quarters

There are pre-built homes that players can purchase in Vizima, they are generally grouped together and start off being completely identical- this changed as the individual players alter the homes to their own liking. When purchasing a home, the price is considered on a case-by-case basis, for example; if the Accord like you, you will get a heavy discount on your purchase, but if the accord dislike you, it may cost you up to 576 diamonds.

A suburban area.

Pigchinko Arena

The Vizima Pigchinko arena was made of the period of three days, by Liastrae, jonathanpanda and FlyingJellyfish. People often compliment the look of the arena, having patterning on the viewing areas, a half-block and fence pattern surrounding it and the look suiting the rest of the town. The arena has yet to be used for a Pigchinko tournament, though it is fully operational.

PvP Arenas

There are a total of two PvP arenas in the town; one off to the left of the Head's House, and one on top of the it. The one in-town was created by Liastrae, with Kingcammy150 doing the arena floor and redstone circuitry. The arena is rarely used, as members of the Accord are currently focusing more on continuing the development of the town, instead of honing their PvP skills. The arena on top of the Head's House is practically never used, due to it's awkward positioning and basic look.

Spleef Arena

The Vizima spleef arena is a small-time arena which will only work if there is no lag whatsoever. You need shears and patience to play the game properly, as well as at least three people at one time; one to control the levers, and two to play. If you manage to play a game, your inventory will then be cluttered with wool, as there is no chest collector on the underneath.


Farms can be found throughout the town, filling strange-shaped gaps in between other builds. There are currently only a couple of working farms. There are spaces for another three, but they have not been filled as Liastrae has little knowledge when it comes to automatic farms.

The Winx Hut

Everybody knows that winx51 loves pink wool and cake, so she was given her very own house at Vizima, made out of nothing other than pink wool and cake.


There is currently only one operational shop at Vizima, the Red Lion pub, owned by SlowRiot. Out of the other four spaces, three are reserved for MattyQ, thesprazzzler and PurpleEmporium. Shop-slots are free, as long as you maintain stock and look after the place, if you want to use one of the spaces, you will need to talk to Liastrae.


Several people have bought properties in Vizima, so here is a list of the current residents: