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nexus_cities.png New Louisville

Air picture from the map of minecraftonline

Founder LewisD95
Contributors LauraneTh, Bowbyslag, aggrievedCanine, SailBird, in1tiate, thesprazzzler, Anna_28, mk59apr, Mystila, Freeman77 and others.
Category Cities
Underground? Yes
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 230m
Size west to east 470m
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-3452
Dimension Overworld
Map Link


After the southern expansion, several new players went there to build. One of them, LewisD95, started building a tree house near the edge of the central jungle biome. This small project continued, building other tree houses and growing into a small town. Later in 1.7, LewisD95 decided he wanted the entire construction fortified by a huge wall. The castle currently consists of a large collection of tree houses, a port for the boat route, a underground chamber to connect to the nexus in the future, a large storage room and a wall with several large towers. To remember the first days of this build, the old borders are still visible due to the remaining cobblestone walls at certain parts of the old city, and the metro is being built between them.


Since LewisD95 is quite busy in Obernai, he decided to let aggrievedCanine decide about all important decisions.

Foundation and Construction

Late 1.7, LewisD95 built a large treehouse in a random tree. From then on, he started building other facilities. The first project was a large gatehouse, for people to come and visit the village. This was later expanded and connected to the railway station. Later, to sort all of his building materials, LewisD95 decided to build an underground storage room. This room is provided with iron doors, which prevent players below iron donor level from stealing the items. Not far from this room, a small boat dock has been built, but due to the lack of a canal to the ocean, this is not functional. This is hopefully going to be connected to the nearby boat routes.

When other worlds reached 1.10, LewisD95 decided it was time to let other people come live with him, far in the jungle. One of the first guests in his city, was aggrievedCanine, who used the at the time incomplete railway to walk there. He built the highest building of the village, a tree reaching from bedrock to the block limit. In order to let other people get to New Louisville without thirty minutes of walking, they worked together to finish the connection from Acacia Glade with the FRS. Due to this expansion, a new station at the gatehouse has been designed and built by LewisD95. Because the railways are often laggy in Freedonia, plans were made to build a connection with the Nexus System. This project is finished December 13th, with Anna_28 providing the city with the necessary craftbook. The Nexus station currently features a metro to the nearby mesa biome, a nether portal courtesy of Bowbyslag and a rumoured hidden staircase that might one day lead to an underground city.

Other player's builds

Phoenix Isle Embassy

Embassy for Phoenix Isle by SailBird. The embassy will one day feature a collection of auto-farms (steak, wool, stone, pumpkin, sugar) and was the only approved building on the road between aggrievedCanine's treehouse, and the immigration office, until the Acacia Roads Embassy was built.

Acacia Glade Embassy

Embassy for Acacia Glade by Mystila, in typical desert style and design.

Public Builds

Immigration Office

The first, remaining build for public use, is the Immigration Office. There, new inhabitants have to ask for permission to build in New Louisville, by placing a sign with their name on the board. Beside that, there is a list of rules, to which all inhabitants of New Louisville should apply. Currently, the rules are; No pvp within the city walls, No stealing from fellow residents, and that only town council members are allowed to alter the old city. Breaking one of the rules, means a permanent ban from the city. On another board, the staff of the city are listed. The current members are Mayor and Founder lewisD95, First Councillor aggrievedCanine and Second Councillor Bowbyslag. All staff members can grant permissions to live and build in New Louisville, and can ban people from the city. The only one currently banned from the city is trenten_.


Important Note: April 10th, major renovation works started. There are some modifications to the transport lines. These are not yet included!

New Louisville Central Station

To connect the city of New Louisville to the rest of the world, with the most basic transport method (besides swimming and running), this stop on the Freedonia Railway System FRS South, has been built by LewisD95. the build consists of 3 different destination platforms. The first one, on the highest level of this build, provides the connection to the FRS. In a small room, near the Arrivals part, starts the line to the Masonry Biome. Underground, there is a metro stop on the city line. This station has two exits, the one in the west, is for the visitors of the old town, with a connection to the new town. In the east, there is a way to the latest expansion of the city. It is also possible to walk to the Jungle Temple, this way.

Nexus, Nether and Metro Transport Hub

The Rail isn't the fastest transport method in Freedonia. This is why LewisD95 and aggrievedCanine decided to provide a room to make a nexus link to the city. This build has the plan of a large cross. In the longest leg is the exit to the city. On the left and right are the nexus connections, while in the top, one can chose to go into the nether. Later, the metrosystem got a new stop in this transport hub. Somewhere well hidden in this large hall, is a secret staircase going to what may one day become the large underground city of New Louisville.

In March 2017, a new project started, building a Highway Network across the Nether. March 4th, New Louisville was proudly connected as one of the first destinations of this totally new network. The design of the access road to New Louisville was completely done by LewisD95 himself, while Distase helped him with the execution of the works.

New Louisville Subway System

Recently, the city of New Louisville features a subway system. With this metro, you can travel between the next stations:

  • New Louisville Central Station /st nlvcs
  • New Louisville City Square /st CitySquare
  • New Louisville City Square Station
  • New Louisville Transport Hub

Only two of the stations have been equipped with the craftbookcommand /st. The staff of New Louisville is working on the other stations. At this moment, the Subway is free to use, when you bring your own cart, but it is possible to buy a new cart in most of the stations. The price of 1 cart is 1 diamond. The income is spent to the expansion of the subway system.

Flamehaze97's Road Project for New Louisville Flamehaze97 built a road into New Louisville that helped provide an alternate means of travel for players who are out walking around Freedonia and choose not to use the faster means of travel. The road was finished in Early Summer 2020. The road was later improved in March 2021.

City Square

Being the central square of the new part of New Louisville, it is located near the Immigration Office. There are plans to locate some shops in this area. Besides, there is also a metrostop planned. However, this all is still under construction, so any plans may change in the future.

New Louisville Church

Although this build is still under construction by LewisD95, its looks have changed many times. The only part of the church you can see from the sky (at this moment), is the imposing tower. The rest of the build (i.e. the main build) is located under a hill. The roof of the tower is built in a 'clock'-style, out of spruce planks and trees. The walls are made from cobblestone and stonebrick, while the ceiling is in the original material of the rock above the church: smooth stone. The whole construction is kept upright by supports from spruce logs. The termination of the building, is planned to be at the end of 2016, beginning of 2017. One heard their might be some catacombs under the church, which are not yet discovered, nor opened for visitors.

Shopping Centre

On the City Square, a small shopping center, is constructed. This mall provides the citizens of the city of some less frequent found materials, to use in their builds. You can buy iron ingots, Acacia Wooden Planks, and Hardened Clay.

Famous Inhabitants