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Front view of a basic LionsSlots machine

Plugin Information
Lead Dev bastetfurry
Programmers bastetfurry
Bugtracker This plugin has no bugtracker associated with it

LionsSlots is a plugin developed by bastetfurry, and is used to create working slot machines ingame, using items or blocks as the payment and reward. They are both configurable and visually customizable, and can be used by both gambling players and slot machine owners to gain high quantities of particularly valuable resources.

How They Work

LionsSlots machines consume one item and then perform a chance-based function that is visually represented by the three Wool blocks on the front of it changing color, visually representing the reels on slot machines in the real world. The outcome of the function determines how much(if any at all) of the item you have put into the machine that you receive in return.

Three LionsSlots machines ingame at bastetfurry's Casino in Catville.

How To Build Your Own

LionsSlots machines are actually quite simple to make. All you need materials wise are two Signs, three Wool blocks of any color, a Button(it is not known if Wood Buttons work), and at least one Chest, as well as the items you want the slot machine to accept and dispense.

First, you'll want to dig out an area of at least 3x4x4(length x width x height) blocks, with one of the 3-wide sides being the front of your machine(The 5x4 machine design shown in the image in the page's infobox is a slightly non-compact basic design, 3x4 is all you'll really need), and the 3x3x4 area of blocks behind it will be where your components(signs, chest) will go. Then, you need to make the front(visible) of the machine out of any blocks that buttons can be placed on, with your 3 blocks of Wool across the middle, as shown in the infobox image. Place the Button on the block below the middle Wool block.

An example of what the back(or inside) of a basic LionsSlots machine looks like, with #'s in place of numbers.

Next comes the most complex(more like least easy-peasy) part of building this machine; the internals. Going around behind the newly-created front of your machine, you'll need to place one Sign on the back of the center Wool block. This Sign's text should read [SlotInfo] on the topmost line, with 0's for the remaining three lines. This Sign is wholly optional, and merely serves to physically display the recorded number of total wins, losses, and plays from the slot machine.

Now, below this Sign is normally where your [SlotCtrl] sign would go(on the back of the block that the button is on on the front of the machine). The layout of this Sign's text has [SlotCtrl] on the top line, the item ID number of the item consumed by the machine as payment per play on the second line, the quantity of the item(that's ID is on the second line) that is consumed per play on the third line, and your username on the fourth line. However, this sign is an admin placement only Sign; trying to place it on your own will cause it to not register, or in other words, simply won't work. You can get an admin to place one for you(or become an admin yourself, if you're patient). Below this [SlotCtrl] Sign is where you will place your Chest(or Chests if you're making a Double Chest), and in this Chest is where the items you want the slot machine to receive and administer are stored.

Once the [SlotCtrl] Sign is placed in its correct position, if everything else is in order, your brand new LionsSlots machine will work.

Hooray! Now you can profit off of the human tendency towards addiction to actions that promise massive rewards!

How Do I Find Out What I Can Win???

If you want to take a look at what the winning Wool color combinations are for any LionsSlots machine, all you need to do is take a Book(the item), hold it in your hand, and press the Button on the front of the machine. This will cause text to pop up in your Chat Window, detailing the default(and unchangeable, which is to say that these will be the same for every LionsSlot machine) combinations of Wool colors and how many items are administered per combination.

Where to Find Slot Machines