The Spelunking Unkle Night Klub

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green_meeting+places.png The Spelunking Unkle Night Klub

Front entrance(old)

Owner Unkle_Genny
Contributors Unkle_Genny, Anna_28, doublehelix457, snakyman, KingServal, Jossps, and countless other generous donators and traders
Category Meeting Places
Underground? Mostly
Public? Mostly
Started Sometime a little before February 18, 2019
Coordinates X=198
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Spawn
Map link

The Spelunking Unkle Night Klub is a public night club situated just inside the southeast section of the Spawn Wall. It is currently under construction by its owner, Unkle_Genny, and will serve not only as his player home, within the private sections, but also as home to a great many other rooms and public attractions. It is divided into three levels:

The Main Level

The Main Level houses most of the rooms and areas one would expect to find within a night club, including the Foyer, Dance Floor, Dining Area, Bar, and Kitchen.

There is an opening leading down to the Cave Level that can be accessed from the Dance Floor.

The Foyer

The first room accessed from the front entrance, the Foyer contains a small table for eating at, as well as an equally small fire place. If a player should look up, they might catch a glimpse of the owner watching the foyer from the balcony directly attached to his bedroom. The small desk to the left of the front door is the Help Desk, where a Klub employee can answer any questions guests might have. Under the Foyer is the Item Shop, accessible by a trapdoor and ladder to the right of the front door. At this shop one can purchase(with Ender Pearls) mushrooms to be consumed in the ShRoom, access to one of the private rooms in the Sad Man's Strip Klub, and Potion Slips for the Bare Knuckle Spider Boxing Arena. In the future, Banners sporting a logo for the Klub will also be purchasable at this shop.

While they're looking up, they might also notice the rules for the establishment, which are as follows:

The Rules

  1. No touching Mollie(perverts!).
  2. No drinking under age 21 unless arranged.
  3. Do not enter any restricted areas.
  4. Always do as Unkle says. Always.
  5. Failure to comply with these rules will result in punishments ranging from perma-boot to "Unkle's choice".

The Dining Area

Located down a stairwell to the right of the foyer, it houses many tables for eating at, with food prepared by the cooks in the kitchen on the main floor.

The Dance Floor

The center area of the Main Level, the Dance Floor has a DJ Station(which is built atop a fish tank), and also many small tables for people to set their drinks, and/or sit down if they tire from dancing. The Bar is in the back of the room opposite the Foyer, hosting a great plethora of questionable beverages. The Kitchen is opposite the DJ Station, housing both the cooks and the Klub's mascot, Mollie the Mooshroom. The bartender and cooks can access an employee's-only room that houses the buttons for the Redstone Jukebox(courtesy of Anna_28!) located underneath the Dance Floor, which randomly selects from 1 to 10 different Music Discs to play.

The Cave Level

The Cave Level is located directly below the Dance Floor, and serves as a bit of a hallway that connects the rest of the Klub to the Main Level. Here the ShRoom, the Sad Man's Strip Klub, and the stairs to The Doubgeon can be accessed.

Just left of the door to the Sad Man's Strip Klub is a second door that leads down to the Casino Level.

The ShRoom

Directly beneath the Kitchen, the ShRoom is a magical, dank little cavern in which many a magical mushroom can be found, as well as many a Minecrafter mischievously mashed out on said mushrooms. In the back corner, a set of cobblestone walls against the wall, serves as a pen for Mollie, the Klub's mooshroom mascot, to reside in if the residents of the ShRoom should request that the cooks in the kitchen send her down to grace them with her magical, mystical, fungal presence. To the left of the entrance is KingServal's Space Out Bench.

The Sad Man's Strip Klub snakyman stripping at the Klub, playing with his "sword"

The Sad Man's Strip Klub is perhaps the naughtiest room within the Klub, functioning just as any regular strip club would. The near side of the room has a stage with two poles, and the wall on the opposing side has two doors that lead to two private rooms, access to which can be purchased at the Shop under the Foyer. On the same wall is snakyman's Love Bench and a private door leading to a changing room for the strippers. Right next to said door is the third pole in the room, situated in a corner adjacent to the middle segment of the same fish tank that the DJ Station sit on top of up on the Main Level.

The Doubgeon

-Construction Suspended Indefinitely-

The Doubgeon was going to be the largest public room within the Klub, serving as an obstacle course and exploratory chamber for those who like doing foolish things in dangerous places. It has three floors of complete darkness, allowing mobs to spawn naturally, as well as one monster spawner on each floor. To complete the dungeon, a group of players must "clear" all three spawners by killing all of the mobs around them, causing the room to light up, deactivating the spawner. Once all three spanner are cleared, the gate at the entrance reopens, allowing the players to exit. Each floor also contains numerous loot chests, traps, hazards, and puzzles.

Construction of The Doubgeon was halted somewhere in August of 2019, due to difficulties and limitations with redstone and CraftBook. The entrance itself is sealed off with wooden planks, but the spiral staircase leading down to it from the Cave Level can still be descended. Unkle has little interest in resuming work on The Doubgeon at any point prior to the eventual update of the server to 1.12, as even if construction were completed and the structure itself was fully functional, the low tps levels would undoubtedly make the experience had by players within The Doubgeon far less enjoyable than Unkle has envisioned.

The Casino Level

The Casino Level is the lowest level of the Klub. Besides the stairs leading down from the Cave Level, it can also be accessed via the entrance in the Hot Tub Room that connects to the street outside, or via the Klub's back entrance connecting directly to the Flowerhang Casino.

The Hot Tub Room

Accessible from both the hallway and the outside entrance, the Hot Tub Room is home to a great big hot tub, at the center of which sits the bottom segment of the same fish tank upon which the DJ station is built, the middle segment of which can be seen in the Sad Man's Strip Klub.

The Hall of Heads

The Hall of Heads is a hallway that leads to the Bare Knuckle Spider Boxing Arena, and connects to the same hallway as the Hot Tub Room. It is lined with player head displays containing Unkle's personal head collection. On the side of the room with a glass floor, looking down through the glass bears a view of The Kitty Korner, Unkle's personal Rm101.

The Bare Knuckle Spider Boxing Arena

One of the larger rooms in the Klub, the Bare Knuckle Spider Boxing Arena(or BKSB Arena for short) is an arena in which players can duke it out against Spiders and Cave Spiders of various quantities whilst doused in equally various potion effects with ONLY their bare hands! No armor, no weapons. The goal is to last as long as you can(while also putting on a show for the spectators! :P).

The only items that may be brought into the arena are food items, excluding any food items that provide potion effects(Golden Apples of either variant, Golden Carrots, etc.) and Milk Buckets.

Any items that would-be contestants might have on them can be safely stored in the Contestant's Chest once it is their turn to enter the arena.

Players can also spectate these fights, and even bet amongst themselves as to how long each contestant will last, what it will take to kill them, etc.

The flow of each match is decided by the Spider Lord, who resides in the Control Room inside the giant Spider head looming over the arena. The Spider Lord performs many functions, including:

  • Deploying the Spiders and Cave Spider each match
  • Monitoring how many of each spider type is inside each egg before release
  • Dispensing potions and fireballs at random from the dispensers during matches in order to make things interesting
  • Apply random potion effects directly to spiders while they're still in the eggs
  • Monitoring each match to make sure the contestants aren't cheating
  • Keeping track of the contestants' queue
  • Keeping track of the time a contestant lasts each match
  • Keeping track of the highest time of each contestant, and updating it for returning contestants
  • Making sure egg spawners are turned off and on in between and during matches
  • Opening and closing the Contestant's Chest when necessary

Potion slips can be bought in the Foyer of the Klub, and when brought to the Alchemist's Aisle-located in the back of the arena-and shown to one of the Alchemists working there, can be exchanged for a splash potion of your choosing. Only base splash potions are available, so no extended or II potions will be available for trade. These splash potions can then be placed inside one of the hoppers across the spectator area of the arena, which will transport it to a corresponding dispenser, and has the chance of being dropped from the dispenser during a match. Players wanting to contest must wait in a queue until it is their turn. Think of it as waiting in a line, but you can still walk around the arena while keeping your place in line. If a contestant exchanges a Potion Slip while waiting in the queue, they will be penalized and be asked to immediately insert the potion into one of the hoppers, before being moved back 1 space in the queue. This is to prevent contestants from stocking the dispensers with positive potions such as healing or regeneration, and then competing directly after, thus increasing their chances of getting a health potion dropped on them during their turn.

The lower section of the Arena, where the Contestant's Chest is located, connects directly to the Flowerhang Casino via an opening in a wall.

The Flowerhang Casino

The Flowerhang Casino is another of the larger rooms in the Klub, built within a naturally overhanging part of the mountain that the Klub is built inside of. It is named after both the fact of the overhang and also the decorations within the room, consisting of every flower in the game. It houses three slot machines: Blazing Glory (takes Blaze Rods), Lapiz Loverz (Lapis Lazuli), and Glow Zone (Glowstone Dust). At the far end of the room, next to the Glow Zone slot machine, is the Klub's back entrance, leading out to a small valley with a statue of Unkle, a few houses built by old players before the Klub was built, and an in-ground TNT cannon that can launch players up to The Hive.

The Hive

The Hive is the only area of the Klub that isn't built inside of the mountain. On the contrary, it is actually floating above the mountain, and as such isn't exactly a part of any of the Klub's three levels. It can be accessed and entered by two means: using the TNT cannon on the ground below The Hive, or flying in with an Elytra through one of its four large windows. The Hive serves as a general lounge area, with a DJ stand, a small bar, plenty of seating, and some pretty trees as decoration. In two of the room's corners, opposite one another, are areas in which first-time visitors can place a Jack O'Lantern on a ledge with a sign to commemorate their visit.

Klub Staff



  • The orange Rolls Royce outside the Klub was commissioned to and built by DCtheGod, and is parked directly above a Beacon that is activated only when Unkle chooses. The Beacon shines straight through the car due to some glass-and-carpet trickery that Unkle added onto the car after it was initially built.
  • The murder holes found on the left side of the building are inescapable, and one of them can only be accessed Klub employees.
  • The lone Jukebox found sitting outside on the grass in front of the Klub's entrance wasn't actually placed by Unkle_Genny. When searching Spawn for a location to build the Klub, Unkle found it there, sitting right in front of a perfectly open mountainside, and decided it was a sign that this was the place that the Klub was fated to be.
    • During the April Fools 2020 event, Unkle got the idea to visit the location where the Klub is in present day Freedonia, to see which of the builds in the surrounding area in the present were around back in 2014. Upon reaching the mountainside on which the Jukebox stands, he discovered that it was missing. This means that the Jukebox was placed in its current position at some point between the years of 2014 and 2019, as it wasn't around in 2014, and Unkle first joined at the start of 2019, discovering the Jukebox shortly after this.
  • The Hive was built when Unkle decided to spice things up and build a part of the Klub that would not only be large and impressive, but also have an exterior to look at. He thought to himself, "What has more of an exterior than anything else? Why, a giant floating building, of course!" And so, it was born.