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nexus_cities.png Newport

View of the city from High Hill

Founder snakyman
Contributors Darkerfly r9q AlphaAlex115 DorpEngineer Becsultan AdoreKitten IconPippi Martin19_12 frisout
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-10709
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

What is Newport?

Welcome to Newport! Newport is a large city founded by snakyman that is located in the June 2020 southwest expansion. Originally known as Project 42, the city was founded by the day after the expansion. The plan was to create the largest city in Freedonia, with the help of many people designing their own districts. The city tries to strike a balance between functional minecraft city and cool looking realistic city. For full list of our automatic farms, see the page Newport Industrial District. Despite being very far out in the map, there is a canal there and it is accessible via the Newport Route. You can get here through nexus light blue (southwest) 1, as well as, Newport Highway from HyperRoute 15 and Ellandria. From Jibtopia along HyperRoute 10 and ChivalricCode's Loop Road. There are residential zones, and an industrial zone with many farms - read more below. There is also a commercial district - The Brick Mall. Newport is the Capitol of the Newport Empire, and directly owns Finland.

Major History


The idea of Newport was started by snakyman, recently unbanned, KingServal, witchy1000 and Markrafter9 in May 2020 when they realized that there was a lack of towns being created in MCO at the time. They believed it to be due to every new player in the server at the time being pressured to join New Eden. The plan was to have multiple people running their own district of the city, almost like multiple mayors, to run the city and attract more attention. They wanted it to be a community build, not something planned out and built by the creators of the city. The group called this city 'Project 42' and began looking for a spot.

Finding a Spot

The June 2020 Expansion happened soon after this plan was made (some believe the expansion was inspired in part due to the requests of new land to build a large city by this group). Many people began exploring the land before it was even visible on the online map, snakyman among this group. snakyman wanted to quickly find an area with flat land and some water nearby to begin construction. He found a decent spot and built a little sandstone pillar there to mark the spot. This pillar still exists today!

Early Construction snakyman began finding players to help landscape the area. Many were teleported, but most had to take the long trek down from Drocata Swamp. A nether road was eventually made from Drocata. The first thing built was the double roads coming from the docks in the city center. Small skyscrapers started popping up there (but are nothing compared to the ones in the city elsewhere nowdays).

Remember the other original planners talked about in the 'origins' section? None of them were active or helped build the city at all so snakyman became the de facto mayor of the city. Around this time, Darkerfly built a house on the extreme hills biome next to the city. snakyman knew that if another settlement was built there, it would be an impediment to progress, so he invited Darker to join the city. This created the first districts, the City Center, snaky's area, and High Hill, Darkerfly’s area. Snaky later created more districts and appointed leaders to them.

Newport quickly became the hub of the southwest, which it still is today. The city was the only nexus in the far southwest, and served as a lifeline for every other city and settlement in the region. Pretty much every settlement in the area stemmed from Newport. There are probably at least a dozen outgoing road, nether road, boat or rail connections. This allowed for easy access for new cities to grow. The city has maintained being one of the most (or the most) active cities in the server consistently for over a year, which few settlements have been able to do.

In 2022, snakyman announced the creation of The Newport Empire. The empire is composed of numerous cities, and is headquartered in Newport. The capitol complex is the building complex of The Creamlin 2.0 and Snake's Manor.


On the 11th of August 2020, a huge lag issue occur at Newport where players were barely able to move in certain chunks where fps drop to extremely low and almost freeze the player movement. Admins investigated the problem by trying to remove the tree farm and even the river but nothing worked. Therefore the name of Lagport was born.

< Drdrs> Petition to rename Newport to Lagport
  • The fps drop issue was fixed on the 17th of August, the reason was discovered that the lava drop in SanityBGon's tower accidentally worked as a lag machine which caused the whole lagport thing. And when the lava drop was removed the lag has disappeared and Newport turns back to normal. Even though the issue has long gone the name Lagport and still being joke around by players when they face lag in Newport.


2021/02/15: Newport was mass addition griefed by an unknown player using over 3000 cobblestone and scaffold hacks. The grief was discovered the next day. The griefer could not be identified at first, but later, Ted1246 checked the grief logs and banned Sigmay for griefing. This ban was quickly reverted, as it was found to be a mistake. SurvivorDan2019, who turned out to be SailBird, a former moderator who ban evaded and was modded on two more accounts, and utterly fucked snakyman's other towns was found responsible for the mass cobblestone grief and was banned by The_Jackal_249. This was one of the biggest griefs on MCO, however, when Admins appeared, all the cobblestone was removed and the whole city restored. This grief was nothing compared to what snakyman had to deal with in Snaketown and New Snak City.

Permission Structure

To make permissions simpler, because MCO's permission rules are very specific, and Newport is complicated, this is how the permissions are laid out:

  • snakyman is the 'owner' of all the roads, unclaimed plots, city staff operations, and claimed areas for the city. snakyman extends permissions to these to the city staff.
  • High Hill is in a joint ownership between snakyman and Darkerfly, but mainly darker as he founded it and built most of it. High Hill is not sovereign.
  • District leaders are subject to promotion/demotion by snakyman (except for Darkerfly, unless High Hill is separated from Newport as well).
  • Plot owners are given plots, but will need to place a sign specifying that they give unconditional permissions to the plot to the town staff.

These rules are still in effect and work very well!

City Staff

Newport City staff by order of promotion, the district they are in charge of, and their staff rank.


Remember we had that? In 2021,

Holiday parties/End of Year parties

Newport staff occasionally hosts holiday parties! Maybe we will put more detail about past ones but from now on we will put more detailed descriptions of new events. They usually take place at Newport's party island in the swamp district.

Newport Easter Event 2022: Crucifixion!

Newport Crucifixion event! snakyman released this message in the Newport discord at 12:35 AM EST:

Newport crucifixion event @everyone ! tired of fake religious fake easter bunny and gay ass eggs? come crucify jesus!

The event proceeded, gamerTM1234 played jesus, and players put him up on a cross at party island!

Districts & Notable Buildings

The following tables outline Newport's districts and some of their notable builds. You can view the live map of Newport here.

City Center

The main district of Newport, the place where most of the skyscrapers are located.
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


Newport City Hall snakyman


Newport City hall houses the local government offices of Newport. It is modeled after the real life New York City Hall. Features:

  • City Council chamber
  • Public Archives
  • Mayor's office
  • Entry Hall
  • Real estate/Immigration info


Cheese Grater Tower r9q IconPippi Drdrs LewisD95

2020-11-10 00.40.32-min.png

A 1:1 replica of 122 Leadenhall Street, London. One of the biggest buildings in Newport. More info on its wiki page.


Luxury Apartments Becsultan


An old building, the crumbling brick is intended. As the name suggests, people can buy an apartment in this building.


Newport XP farm Darkerfly, r9q, DorpEngineer, snakyman, AdoreKitten


The offical xp farm in Nepwort, using redstone technique to prevent mob over spawning left by afk.


A town on the waterfront with wood/clay buildings and docks. The train station is there, as well as the hotel, which has craftbook casino signs on the ground floor; linked to the Boat Routes.
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


Newport Station Snakyman


Newport station in the FRS Network. Often got mistaken as unfinished, still haven't install a ticket seller.


Newport Tower Snakyman, r9q


This is a directory of the 47 story skyscraper with 120+ units. One of the first town projects of Newport. With the effort of many people, it was finished in a week.

[ Click]

Newport Harbor Hotel & Casino snakyman, AlphaAlex115


The Newport Harbor Hotel and Casino! This place has a lot of hotel rooms upstairs, and a bar & functioning casino signs placed by an admin on the ground floor.


Church (Pervious District Hall) Martin19_12 Snakyman

2020-11-10 00.25.00-min.png

AVE MARIA! That what you need to shout near this building. Inside the building you will see a basic introduction of New Bielefeld and its building rules. The building no longer serves as the district hall of New Bielefeld and now kept as a historical building.

High Hill

Darkerfly's Evil mountain lair from the first days of the city, turned into a district with Darkerfly's agreement. It is on an extreme hills biome with a medieval style mixed with orient style building.
Map Name Owner(s)/Builder Photo Info


Rules board building Darkerfly


First build in High Hill, built by Darkerfly, originally thought to be a small hotel, but it became what it is like today, the High Hill district hall, with a map of High Hill, and the building rules of the district.


Orient Tower Darkerfly


Second build in High Hill, also built by Darkerfly, the tower stands on the hill behind the rules board building; provides a 30 level enchantment table and the view of Newport(but you can't see shit cause the server render distance is so ass). The tower has an Orient-style roof, which symbolizes the organic yet diverse building style in High Hill.


Riverside Tower Darkerfly

2020-11-10 00.01.02-min.png

Little big tower. Built in one hour to but took three days to design. It exists cause Darkerfly want a tower by the riverside.

Industrial (main page: Newport Industrial District)

Here you can find all sorts of automatic and manual farms.
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


Newport Tree Farm Snakyman DorpEngineer

2020-11-10 00.15.07-min.png

The Legendary "Free wood farm," yes it's really free, providing all types of wood to Newport citizens.


Newport Stone Farm 3.0 Darkerfly DorpEngineer AdoreKitten (for updating the farm)


New stone farm replacing the old broken one, farm designed by DorpEngineer, building design and build by Darkerfly, providing free stone to players.


Swamp biome around Newport, separated into three parts, North, West and South. Previously managed by IconPippi
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


Spiral Tower IconPippi


Spiral. Originally are located at place near IconPippi's witch farm but later got relocated to Newport with the power of god.

Dark Oak Forest

nature preserved forest, somewhere closer to nature
Map Name Owner(s)/Builder Photo Info


The Brick Mall frisout

Header image .png

A 1:1 scale recreation of Battersea Powerstation located in London. The most beautiful Mall on MCO.

Historical District

District maintained by Freedonian Historical Society
Map Name Owner(s)/Builder Photo Info


Newport Museum (Formerly Odds & Ends) NightSteak9


Newport Museum is MinecraftOnline's largest museum, hosting hundreds of displays from all categories.

Suburban Area

Somewhere closer to the nature, a place for people to build cute little wood houses.
Map Name Owner(s)/Builder Photo Info


Mountain Park Becsultan, ChivalricCode


A mountain park in the Suburban area, its natural terrain was kept and renewed as a park. Unfinished at the moment.


Wheat Hill raze97


Used to be small house belongs to raze97 now have become a part of Newport.

Penis Preinct

If you want to build a dick in the city, just build it here.
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


Penis Preinct Slime_tiger (ceremonially)


Penis, Penis everywhere


Buildings that are not really in a district.
Map Name Owner(s) Photo Info


The Airport



Project started by Caesena, now continue to be work on by Newport city helpers


Spawner Island Darkerfly


Island with a spawner. Builders of Newport can build small structures on it. Settled on the first day of Newport, when people were running out of food from terraforming the land, Darkerfly got a spawner from hourly gift. To solve the food issue, Darkerfly placed down the spawner on an island close to the terraforming location and it became Spawner Island.

** Battersea District & Frostminem have not yet been added to this list


This is a list of people who have built something in the city, or purchased a condo or house, and what they built. List is incomplete, we forget to add people sometimes. Roughly in order of date joined. Add 38 to the total for members of Finland, a territory of Newport.

  1. snakyman - Mayor, Founder, built many things in the city and essentially planned all of it.
  2. AlphaAlex115 - Penis Tower & Sexy Condos owner
  3. smaugthegreat107 - Woodbury Condos builder
  4. bcMineOut - Penis Tower condo owner
  5. stanchristiaan - Universal Condos
  6. Anna_28 - Chicken shop & Phoenix Isles Embassy
  7. NightIsLight06 - Condo owner
  8. Martin19_12 - New Bielefeld builder
  9. upha - Condo owner
  10. 6stooges - Condo owner
  11. Raflamar - Plot & condo owner
  12. Frosty_Diamonds - Plot owner
  13. Faraday1056 - Condo owner
  14. Slime_tiger - Salami & Penis Precinct
  15. Freskooo - Plot owner
  16. TheZebuQueen - Condo owner
  17. DorpEngineer - Industrial district owner, builder
  18. raze97 - Builder in many districts
  19. aliensexist69 - Strip club builder
  20. Darkerfly - High hill district owner
  21. TheHardNar - Condo owner
  22. Void42_ - Plot builder
  23. r9q - General town staff, Help with many skyscrapers
  24. Jaws18301 - Condo owner & helper
  25. Cwoxony - High Hill builder
  26. OddestUnder - Condo owner
  27. xDrdrs76 - Condo owner
  28. BaldObama - Condo owner
  29. Fireandice50 - Condo owner
  30. LordOfTheShadows
  31. Beeraeka - Condo Owner
  32. ChivalricCode - High Hill Builder
  33. HY_Turkic - Plot Owner
  34. Aziroeth - High Hill builder
  35. Dexus_2010 - High Hill builder
  36. IconPippi - Swamp district leader, Spiral Tower builder, planned and contributed to the Cheese Grater
  37. KadenNinja - High Hill builder
  38. clyler2 - High Hill builder
  39. TheDemetri - house moved from Verico
  40. Becsultan - Luxury Apartments quad plot owner
  41. Hazard_The_Great - plot owner
  42. HDiddy1982 - condo owner
  43. Mechman007 - condo owner
  44. Behrologist - condo owner
  45. 4untochrist - High hill builder
  46. SanityBGon - Condo owner and builder
  47. ShiaLaBeouf666 - Condo owner
  48. Otis_Wong - Condo owner
  49. Leah_Starcraft - Condo owner
  50. TTuge - Condo owner
  51. BrostrodYT - Condo owner
  52. Xanax_Dealer - Condo owner
  53. doggo_swimmer19 - High Hill Builder
  54. Datasnake_ - Condo owner
  55. Victorrasetti - Condo owner
  56. yourshadowdr - High Hill builder
  57. StarMarine201722 - Condo owner
  58. runarlogi - Condo Owner
  59. IvanLeshev - Plot owner
  60. Flamehaze97 - Condo owner and Dragon River Whiskey in Cheese Grater Tower Dragon River Whiskey Project cancelled 1-7-2021
  61. Peashooter856 - Condo owner
  62. ShadeblastHere - Condo owner
  63. CheesieMC - Condo owner
  64. caisworld - Plot owner
  65. _kuikuo_ - High Hill builder
  66. SenatorApple - Condo owner
  67. T4rTar ( pyruhh) - Plot owner
  68. bucketsofwasps - Plot Owner (Wasp & Co.)
  69. NightSteak9 - Newport Museum owner +(multiple towers & condos)
  70. BlueBlaziken - High Hill builder
  71. cap2468 - High Hill builder
  72. ItsOverParty - Condo owner
  73. Ertum_ - Plot Owner
  74. Hyperluminous - Plot Owner
  75. WonkaOil420 - Quad plot owner
  76. B0420 - Plot Owner
  77. Vecxin - Plot Owner
  78. imMemelous - Plot Owner
  79. AdoreKitten - Suburban district builder / 2 Hour Tower builder
  80. Backallo - Builder in industrial district
  81. qGreen - Builder in industrial district
  82. DanThePilot02 - Harbor View Apartments - floor owner
  83. jacekkar - Sexy Condos owner
  84. vindieselGasLLC - Condo owner
  85. 43eba886699b0 - Condo owner & cathedral builder
  86. snthy - Condo owner
  87. E6V - Condo owner / 2 Hour Tower builder
  88. Xyginator - Ellipse penthouse owner
  89. snakymen (MEN not MAN)- Ellipse condo owner
  90. podd - Ellipse condo owner
  91. aggrievedCanine - clock tower builder
  92. Ren - Ellipse condo owner
  93. abamacus - spire builder
  94. IceAssault - Suburban cottage builder
  95. ClonLP - Suburban district builder
  96. MegaAccount12 - Pallet territory builder
  97. frisout - Swamp bridges & Battersea
  98. hurstbergm - plot owner
  99. a8g - High Hill builder
  100. 2b2tisFull - Newport Tower condo owner - 100th resident!
  101. Kingserval - Dark Oak District builder
  102. Flopperboi - Newport Tower condo owne
  103. Xanpi3000 - Plot owner
  104. toast__toast - Condo owner
  105. Luigifan100 - Plot owner
  106. AndrestheMiner - Plot owner
  107. KrolLagow - Plot owner
  108. DB_Frostmine - Fishing village builder
  109. SadieSadie - Plot Owner
  110. Txkeykeeper - Condo owner
  111. qthez - Plot owner
  112. InnerDeath - Condo owner
  113. InternalDeath - Condo owner
  114. MSWindows - Twin Towers Builder and Owner
  115. FuzbolMC - Frostmine builder
  116. 2b2tLegends - Frostmine Builder
  117. EanimeiCCC - Condo builder
  118. Whaska - Frostmine Builder
  119. Sliskisledz55 - Frostmine Builder
  120. JimyHendricks - Wild West Builder
  121. Txkeykeeper - Wild West Builder
  122. _Plague_Rat_ - Condo Owner
  123. homeguy444 - Wild west builder
  124. Leo_Belgicus - Museum builder/condo owner
  125. danielrelaze - Wild west builder
  126. Moxieskip - City center builder
  127. eevee_27 - Condo owner
  128. MisterBHomes - Condo Owner
  129. Ivy_ - row house owner
  130. Hijacked - Townhouse owner / museum staff
  131. Murica1999 - Condo owner
  132. FistOfVengeance - Condo owner
  133. 64Pebbles - Big Bend builder & Condo Owner
  134. sketchy_man - condo owner
  135. SquidLane - Ellipse condo owner
  136. OGVorva - Plot owner
  137. xSakataaa - Condo owner
  138. stevefont - Condo owner
  139. LeaderOfTheSalty - Wild West Builder
  140. orchunter88 - Condo owner
  141. CLAYXDXD - Park district builder
  142. Uwullusive - Park district builder
  143. Sopelo - Park district builder
  144. Sh3lbo_Bagg1ns - Condo owner
  145. Cake70 - Harbor district builder
  146. _SkyFalls - Snake's Manor Annex tower builder & resident
  147. EMG81 - Condo owner
  148. Mifyu_ High Hill builder
  149. Zappingsbrew - AlphaHouse builder & resident
  150. butternutbamboo - Newport Tower condo owner

Newport Metropolitan Area

The city has sparked various builds and settlements outside of the main city area that are dependent on Newport and its Nexus. Generally players who live here like to help with builds within the city and infrastructure in/around it as well. Many of these areas were made during the June 2020 expansion, and the only link to their area was a road or nether road from Newport. They generally have good infrastructure connections to the city. Some of these settlements include:

Areas formerly dependent on Newport Nexus

Note: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do not build something near the city without asking us first please thank you


Here are some pictures of newport:

Time lapse

Newport time lapse 202206.gif

A time lapse from overviewer from 2020-06 to 2022-06.

Helpers Gimli016 now i can brag with my firends of being part of minecraft slave labor

This is a list of everyone that "willingly helped" terraform, build roads, and dig out the city in its early days:

These people cannot be thanked enough because it is really hard to start such a massive project and give it momentum without lots of people in the beginning.

Comments on Newport (Guestbook)

*leave your comments here.
< Zappingsbrew> Newport: The Best City Ever! 10/10 Would reccomend.
< Darkerfly> Newport is okish. 5/10


  • An idea of new city was brought up by KingServal and snakyman, naming it Project 42 at that time, long before the map expansion. In fact, this conversation may have been what inspired the expansion.
  • 2020 map expansion: snakyman went out to the wild and chose a spot by the river, and start asking for help to set up a new city in the new land.
  • Founding of High Hill: Darker built a house nearby while snakyman was planning Newport.
  • 2020/05/21: Earliest known mention of the word "district" by snakyman; terraforming initiated. Considered the founding anniversary of Newport.
  • 2020/06/02: Newport Discord created.
  • 2020/06/02: New Bielefeld created (martin joinee).
  • 2020/06/04: let's not talk about Penis Precinct
  • 2020/06/06: "Newport" mentioned [where?].
  • 2020/06/17: Industrial District created; DorpEngineer joins.
  • 2020/08/28: Suburban area created.
  • 2020/09/09: DorpEngineer was slapped by the banslapper.
  • 2020/11/12: Earliest known mention of Swamp District.
  • 2021/03/24: IconPippi was prodded by the banstick!
  • 2023/01: Newport Contributor Caesena successfully “backdoored” the server and was revealed to be former Newport staff IconPippi[source]. Some builds made by Caesena were removed due to using illegally obtained materials, and other items were removed.

Darkerfly telling you why you should join Newport

< Darkerfly> I myself joined Newport purely because I wanted snaky's head, but I stayed cause I can see the potential of Newport, allowing players to express their creativity and being the center hub of new players that live in the new expansion, unlike the majority of the cities on mco, you can see Newport having each players uniqueness on their buildings and the building style of each district, showing what is lacking from other cities, the power of the community and the people's own creativity, with that I believe we can achieve something beautiful. Together with the crew we have, I believe we can make Newport the greatest city on mco. And I am here to ask you to help us achieve the goal together.

-is darker running for mayor. - DorpEngineer
-the answer is no we dont have elections. - snakyman
-snaky saying that so he wont get overthrown. - Darkerfly snakyman would like it to be known that mcos/newports perms structure does not allow for overthrowing the owner.
-overthrown not necessarily means losing the perm, it can mean losing respect as mayor.
-Feel free to disrespect me lol - snakyman