Luxor Isle

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green_houses.png Luxor Isle
Owner Avanlance, Turn_Off
Category Houses
Underground? Yes
Public? No
Started 5 November 2018
Completed Never
Coordinates X=-14390
Dimension Overworld
Map link

This page is under construction. This will be the future permanent home users Turn_Off and Avanlance

The red line is an in-game wall of cobble. Everything past this wall is considered part of the Luxor Isles. You can't build past the red line without permission of the owners. Everything build past the red line may be removed by the owners or the admins.

Luxor Isle.jpg

Contributors: Avanlance, Turn_Off, IvanLeshev, doublehelix457, Edelstadt, mk59apr (tools), glitch80 (tools), hjk321 (rare flowers xD)