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User doublehelix457

John Wick

Known as helix, double, doubley, helox
Gender Male
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
Nationality Murican'
Occupation Electrician, Java and Web Developer, Bad@$$
In Freedonia
First joined Monday, May 8, 2017
First building Meridian City
Staff member Admin
Donor level ***** Aether
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Pre-MCO days

For several years, Helix played on a Clone server extremely similar to MCO. Over the years, tensions between MCO and the other server kept rising. This particular clone server finally ceased to be. Helix was now out of a job (server-wise). 1-2 Years passed and helix began reading up on MCO. Reading the wiki and the similarities made him miss the TrueSMP experience. This time he was going to pick the right side.

Early MCO days

On Monday, May 8, 2017, he joined MCO for the first time, and was completely overwhelmed with Nostalgia for a server he didn't play on. Helix was quick to pick up on commands and server features, and had several friends from the old server to talk to. Additionally, he made wonderful new friends. Now days, helix seeks to make more friends, work on his projects, and make MCO a better community for everyone!

Current Open Projects

Meridian City

Helix's Pride and Joy! Much work to be done. For more information, click here for the current status of that project.

Freedonian Traffic Control

Helix needed a reliable traffic system for Meridian City. On reading through the wiki he found the Freedonian_Traffic_Control system. When working with it though, he found room for potential. For starters, traffic lights when Green>Yellow>Red>Yellow>Green instead of Green>Yellow>Red>Green.... While this has been fixed, Anna_28 suggested using craftbook Flex Sets. This has worked so far. Additionally, Helix wanted horizontal traffic lights. The final stage is getting the Traffic Light off signal to generate to replace all colors when not on. This has proved to be the hardest part. Afterwords the wiki will be updated Accordingly.

Stubs and Wanted Pages

One of helix's pet peeves in Wiki's is Stub and Wanted Pages. He aims to eliminate all of the pages within these categories. Starting with all Craftbook IC links.

Craftbook IC Pages

Let's be honest. The Craftbook Extra pages on this wiki are awesome! The infoboxes are really intuitive. However, It is my goal to get all craftbook IC's on this wiki, along with thier actual IC names next to the IC Id. This way, everyone can use and really have fun with Craftbook Extra.

KRENScript and [MC6000]

A nice fix for that lousy Perlstone. Read about that project Here.

Misc. Craftbook Extra Repairs and Addons

  • Comparator Outputs for IC's so players can't tamper with Levers.
    • Probably put an S before the IC id.
    • Line 2: S[IC_ID]
  • 3-Input XOR Gate
  • Make several IC's powerable.
    • Especially Elevators so signs can be hidden. Button powered only. obviously.
  • Fix the annoying-ass [MCX010] Not a reliable pulse IC by any means.

Closed Projects

Slime_tiger's Obsidian Generator

Player Slime_tiger was working on an obsidian generator. At first it started with a chest collector and hopper issue. Little did Slime know that craftbook could automate his whole world. The dispensers were rigged up to Transmitters. Block detectors would be used to check when obsidian was present, and Slime's design did the rest. All in all, this was a fun project.

MCO IRC and Discord Bridge

This project took many days and hours to complete to figure out how to use discord.js and node.js on helix's personal server. Hours into the night - to the morning spent troubleshooting errors. Finally on Friday, September 29th 2017 at 11:53AM (BST) MCO_Discord came online fully operational and linked with the #ingame channel on discord. UPDATE: The MCO_Discord bot has been retired from the Discord server as of October 8th 2022.


Snapshot of helix often seen in his AFK tree at spawn, usually working on one of his projects.