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User glitch80


Known as glitch80 or Glitch
Gender Male
Nationality American
In Freedonia
First joined 09 September 2011
First building Floating Castle
Donor level *GOD*
Legacy donor level *GOD*
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About glitch80

glitch80 is a god donor. He is currently working on a large number of structures across freedonia. If he does not reply to a message in-game, it's likely because he's completely focused on some building project, and not watching chat. Try TeamSpeak instead, because he is almost always there when logged in.

Helping Others

He likes to help other players, but since becoming a god glitch80 been asked to do many favours, and has had to start declining all requests. Please don't ask him for stacks of material, but don't be surprised either if he chooses to help out.

Personal Projects

These are a few of Glitch80's current and past projects.

Glitch80's Home

Glitch80 lives in a castle built on a series of floating islands. It can be found at 955 71 2360.

The Cave of Diamonds

Placed in a random location deep under ground, The Cave of Diamonds contain great treasures. The first regular player (sorry staff are excluded) to find the cave will be given the right to plunder everything within. Contact Glitch80 if you have found the cave. He will confirm if you are eligible and are the first to discover it.

Temple of the Gods

A collaborative effort between Glitch80 and Drathus42, the temple is deep in the Nether. It can be reached from the portals in Glitch80's head at the God Heads.

Exploits Around Freedonia


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