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The mail system, developed by bastetfurry, enables players to send short private messages to each other inside the game, and from the Control Panel. These messages can be read either in-game or from the website, and replied to likewise. It is also possible to send items through the mail system as parcels, in which case they must be picked up from a post office.


  • /mail - Check your mail.
    • /pm - alias for /mail.
  • /mail help - Get usage information on the private message command.
  • /mail s player message - send message to player.
  • /mail n - shows the next unread message.
  • /mail r num - shows message number num.
  • /mail d num - deletes message number num.
  • /mail l [num] - list 8 messages starting from 1, or optionally from num.

Post Offices

If you have a major settlement and want an official Post Office, ask an admin.