Octagonal Tower

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green_towers.png Octagonal Tower

View of the top of the tower

Owner getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot
Category Towers
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Size north to south 40m
Size west to east 40m
Height 60m
Coordinates X=-4538
Dimension Overworld
Settlement AmpCity
Map link

Octagonal Tower (also known as "The Tower of Slow") is a mainly ornamental edifice located within AmpCity, giving a view over the Coliseum and the Divine Seat of Personal Freedom and is one of a series of towers by getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot,


The tower was built in the founding days of AmpCity, and some consider it to be one of the city's defining features.

Its construction was prompted by criticism of getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot's Snowy Tower, claiming that the circular features could have been automatically generated with a plugin such as cuboid. As a result, getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot set out to build a tower with geometry that could not possibly have been generated by any plugin at the time, in the same scale and timeframe as the Snowy Tower, to put any such claims to rest.

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