Snowy Tower

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<@runechan> how fucken stereotypical are we
<@runechan> riot runs around making towers
<@runechan> i live in a big woolly cave

green_towers.png Snowy Tower

View of the tower from the air

Owner SlowRiot
Category Towers
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Size north to south 30m
Size west to east 30m
Height 67m
Coordinates X=250
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Catville
Map link

Snowy Tower is a mainly ornamental edifice located within CatVille, giving a view over the Herrenhaus and the Catville Ship.


It is one of a series of towers by SlowRiot constructed during the founding of CatVille on a rectangular plot of cobble reclaimed from the sea.

The use of a world editing tool, by an admin user, to cover the tower with snow was considered acceptable at the time (see timeline).

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