Riot's Towers

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green_towers.png Riot's Towers

Cartwheel Tower

Owner SlowRiot
Contributors Edessa
Category Towers
Underground? Partly
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-837
Dimension Overworld
Map link

These are towers built by SlowRiot, the server owner, in the early days of Freedonia and are located in several of its largest cities

With the exception of Central Tower they are vertical wonders extending from their foundations on the overworld bedrock up to the (old) height limit. The reason behind the vertical construction was the way that building plots were handed out in cities in the early days of the server. Players were assigned square or rectangular areas that were fairly small in size, but with no limitations on height nor depth of construction. Riot's towers are thus great examples of how one can achieve a large scale build on even a small allocation of ground.

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