Old West-Border

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green_infrastructure.png Old West-Border

View of the Old West-Border at sunset

Owner getplayerhead.sh?Bob_Oats&16.png Bob_Oats, getplayerhead.sh?LewisD95&16.png LewisD95
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Partially
Completed May 1st, 2020
Size north to south 12m
Size west to east 20m
Height 20m
Coordinates X=-15180
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

This place forms the connection between the Nether Highway System and the Freedonia Railway System at the old western border of Freedonia. It will likely form the starting point for exploring possible western expansion of the server map.


A memorial was built, Many players who had visited this place are placed an memorial sign to with their visit date then the World Border was still here

FRS Station Infos

After the 1.12.2 map extension, the FRS line was extended to the new West Border Station, The station was edited and an new ticket shop for the western bound was installed

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