Nether Highway System

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Not to be confused with the Nether Freeway System

green_infrastructure.png Nether Highway System

Central Part of the NHS

Owner xFiron, Anna_28, Bob_Oats
Contributors deathmog91, SupphaSen010, Alpha_Sentary, LewisD95, AggrievedCanine, NHC_THK, Thecopperswan, SailBird, Rufas, Joshlong56, ScarClaw72, Triverse, Scampi_, makjus
Category Infrastructure
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Started March 1st, 2017
Completed Under construction
Size north to south 4,572m
Size west to east 3,347m
Height 3m
Coordinates X=0
Dimension Nether
Map Link

The Nether Highway System (NHS) is a project designed to make travel to the world border fast and convenient. There are four highways, all centered on the world axis: North (-Z), East (X+), South (Z+), and West (-X). Each highway goes to the World Border, with a portal at the end. The project itself is centered at 0, 120, 0 in the Nether. For quick access, there is a portal right next to spawn, linked to the NHS.

Linking Builds to the NHS:

A secondary function of the NHS is to link locations to the highway for quick travel. Anyone is welcome to add a path, so long as they follow the rules, which are as follows:

  • You need to ask permission from either Anna_28, or Bob_Oats.
  • Do not make pointless or dead-end paths- otherwise it will be considered grief.

Player-created paths are owned by their creator and are not affiliated with the NHS, and shouldn't be modified. All paths, as a condition of the link to the NHS, are able to be modified to match the highway up to ten blocks from the outer edge of the tunnel. If no design is implemented, the player gives permission to have their entire path matched to the main highway.

NHS Destinations

Northern Highway

Excavation: 100%

Iceroad: 100% (aside for addition griefed areas and random tunnels that couldn't be built over)

Detailing: 50%

Eastern Highway

Excavation: 100%

Iceroad: 100%

Detailing: 100%

Southern Highway

100% Complete as of 2019-05-06

Western Highway

*100% complete as of 2022-3-17

Excavation: 100%

Iceroad: 100% (aside from addition griefed areas and random tunnels that couldn't be built over)

Detailing: 100%

List of Contributors: