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User LewisD95

Lewis in 2019

Known as Lewis, Louis, Lewy, His Lordship
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Nationality Unknown
DOB 1995-10-1-31
Occupation Civil Engineer
In Freedonia
First joined 2016/07/30
First building New Louisville
Staff member Admin
Kit level **** Gold
Legacy donor level **** Gold
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 "just don't wanna be banned LoL :p" - LewisD95

About LewisD95 was first seen on July the 30th of the year 2016. During his first visit on the server, he decided to take a leap of faith, which made him arrive in the wilderness of the ocean. Bowbee, moderator at that time, took care of him and LewisD95 finally found himself a place in the jungles of the south. His first build, which presumably was at that exact spot, was soon born: a small treehouse. Being overexcited by the result, he soon started building random stuff around the place and finally building an enormous wall to keep the dangers of the jungle from entering his town. Since LewisD95 can’t handle disorder, the place was doomed to be abandoned by him soon, leading him to other adventures. Nevertheless, he has often be seen again, not least for building a massive train connection over the Southern Inner Ocean, allowing for train traffic coming from central Freedonia towards New Louisville and beyond. Since LewisD95 had no idea about the standards of the FRS at the time, the railway infrastructure is largely different from what can be seen throughout the world, and a project to change this design to the standardised version was started and finally finished in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Building towards the north, LewisD95 stumbled upon a wonderful settlement by Mystila, which led to a wonderful collaboration on the FRS as well as an industrial expansion of Acacia Glade and the construction of several miles of railway infrastructure towards Acacia Road International. With a lot of help from thesprazzzler, LewisD95 learnt how to use craft book to make railway traffic on these new tracks possible.

Since New Louisville got slightly out of hand, and due to particular circumstances (the background can be read on the particular wikipage), LewisD95 started a new settlement, this time in the far north: Obernai. This has now become his mayor pastime on the server, aside from running from place to place and some minor works in Acacia Glade.

On February 13th in 2017, LewisD95 was promoted to Moderator in the office of darkdiplomat, after being lured into the place under false pretences.

On August 8, 2018, LewisD95 managed to ban himself for the server, for which he blames “Line Wrapping”; the official version is that he got banned for Spanish... Thanks to ickyacky and darkdiplomat, he could soon join the server again, without any trace of what happened.

On May 31, 2020 LewisD95 got somehow promoted to Admin, an event he had to witness from his car. Since that day, most of his time spent on the server is fixing grief reported by mSup and doing FRS stuff. He was also the host of the Freedonia Best Railway Station Competition.

Now, LewisD95 is to be found in Obernai expanding the town, and building too much stuff within the city walls. Other things you might see him do: build railways and roads, annoy people he likes, aimlessly strolling around the map, or you might find him lurking in chat.

Fun fact: if you break glass around Lewis, you will be found dead in your house the next day *Seinfeld theme plays*


Most staff members
Original builds, although preferably as realistic as possible
Timber builds
People who help him fill his towns
Working on infrastructure projects which are usually way too time-consuming
Lurking around Telegram and Discord
Following admins around


Messy towns or bad town planning, messy places on the map and boring builds in a single type of block
Griefers, cheaters, spammers

Notorious Meetings thesprazzzler Mystila WaffleNomster Ledoyom ickyacky smudja feb1980


This is a incomplete list of projects by LewisD95:


Suspended Plans

  • [SUSPENDED] LewisD95 plans to build a large train station at the end of the Acacia Roads Branch of the Occidental Line, near the world border, to connect all (new) southern expansions to the FRS. This station is going to have 2 platforms for the branch (from and to New Louisville and 2 platforms for going east and west. There will or can be expansions to add local lines, but those will not be built at first construction. Most of the station will not be underground.
  • [SUSPENDED] Castle at Obernai = > a large hill mansion will be built instead

Current Projects