Pesplian Dungeon

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green_towers.png Pesplian Dungeon
Pesplian Dungeon.png

Big cobblestone tower

Owner Anubis773
Contributors ahri_29 Xanpi3000
Category Towers
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started November 2021
Completed Under construction
Size north to south 43m
Size west to east 43m
Height 161m
Coordinates X=-15426
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Mount Pespla
Map Link

The Pesplian Dungeon is a huge cobblestone tower, built by Anubis773. It's located in the East side of Mount Pespla. The idea was to build something impressively big. So the project started soon after the creation of Mount Pespla.
Pesplian Dungeon Low-Angle.png


Floor 1 : The Museum

The first floor of the Dungeon is a museum, here you can see many maparts and collectible items.

Floor 2 : The Vault

The second floor is a giant storage room, it was not made to store any precious items, rather in large amounts of food, blocks and other stuff.

Floor 3 : Apartments

The third floor has four apartments, each of these has an area of 270m².

Floors 4 to 9 : Lounges

These floors are reserved for meals, discussions and entertainments.

Floor 10 : Xanpi3000's floor

This is a decorative floor made by Xanpi3000.

Floor 11 : Farms

This floor contains many farms.