Mount Pespla

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nexus_settlements.png Mount Pespla
Founder Anubis773
Contributors See members list.
Category Settlements
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Size north to south 339m
Size west to east 206m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-15579
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Mount Pespla (/mˈa͡ʊnt pˈɛsplə/, stylised as Mt. Pespla) is a free-build town owned by Anubis773, built on a savannah biome. It has many districts and many houses (mostly made of acacia wood). It's also known for its huge dungeon, called the Pesplian Dungeon. Going through Nexus Purple 1 is the quickest way to Mount Pespla. This town has been inactive since early 2023. Here are some notable quotes about the city :

"in at Mont Pespa" Jeaky

"do you wanna join a town and get free stuff and a plot?" ahri_29

"oh no another one joining the pespla cult" gamerTM1234


The creation

Mount Pespla was founded on 17 October 2021. Anubis773 was walking at spawn when he met Gerbuda and suggested they create a town together. He accepted and they used the nexus to go to Las Vereno and then walked towards the newly generated terrain. On the way, they noticed that AuraFireblood was following them, so they invited him to be a founder of the town. After a long time, they found a vast savannah plateau and decided to settle here. However, Gerbuda was soon banned, and AuraFireblood stopped playing MCO, leaving Anubis773 as the only member.

The growth

In the first few months after the town was founded, Anubis773 wasn't very active. In early 2023, he started inviting a lot of new players to the city. Even though most of them soon got bored of the server, some of them continued to play : some of them, such as ahri_29, Roostery and Number_79, became very active and were given the rank of Dirigeant (see below). Because of this, Mount Pespla received a Nexus Link on 26 June 2022, given by doublehelix457.

The fall

In late 2022, the most active members of the town began to leave Mount Pespla ( Roostery for example). Anubis773 tried to revive the town by inviting new players, but they all ended up inactive or banned.At the beginning of January 2023, Anubis773 decided to leave MCO for personnal reasons. At the time of writing, there are still a few members of Mount Pespla who are still playing on the server, but the town is generally dead.

City Rules

In the beginning, Mount Pespla had no specific rules. Mount Pespla is free-build, meaning you do not need prior permission to build in the town. However, rules were introduced to prevent abuse of the free build system. A town hall was later built with many permission and rules signs.

The basic rules are

  1. Do not build huge buildings without permission
  2. Do not build stupid buildings
  3. Leave at least three blocks of space for other buildings

Players can visit the town hall for more detailed rules.

Mount Pespla's village square


Mt pespla districts.png

Residence A, B and C

The Residential districts used to be the most active ones. They are the place where almost all the citizens have built their houses. Most of these are made of cobblestones and acacia logs. However, you can still find houses made of oak or spruce. Residence A was the only residential area, until new areas were terraformed: Residence B and Residence C were created when there was no more space available in the other residence districts.



Pesplian Plains

This district is a terraformed area created by the Pespla-Kpan infrastructure corporation (PKIC); it's where most of the farms are built, but there are also plots of land that used to be sold by the PKIC. Mount Pespla and the PKIC share the ownership of this district. Players aren't allowed to build here without permission, unless they buy the plots mentioned above.

Dendord's Outpost

As the name suggests, this is an outpost built by dendord. It's built on a forest biome, next to the river that separates it from the city. It used to be considered as outside of the city.

Dungeon District

This is the location of the Pesplian Dungeon, and players aren't allowed to build here. It is reserved for embassies only.

Sandy Meadows

This downhill area was created when the residential areas were full. Bigger houses can be found here, and players such as 06k, __Hagel__ and KannoliTr4sh have nice constructions. The MRB102 also runs through this area.

Ahri District

This is a kind of island surrounded by rivers. It was to Mount Pespla given by ahri_29 in August 2022, and it has nice builds like NedHuman's Mosaic Mansion chunk and Fort Anubis.

Grassy beach

This is the smallest district in all of Mount Pespla. Anubis773's Mosaic Mansion chunk can be found here.

Flower Savannah

This district was used as an other residence.

New Formosa

This is an underground district located below Residence C, it is mostly filled with forest of different tree species : acacia, spruce and juggle trees.

Anubis Peninsula

The Anubis Penisula is a huge district, the idea to create it actually came from ahri_29.


Mount Pespla has a rank system:

  • Chef : It's the French word for boss (self-explanatory), this is the highest rank. To get this rank, you have to already be a dirigeant, and all the current chefs have to agree to promote you.
  • Fondateur : The French word for founder. This rank is for the very first inhabitants of the town. Today, most of the fondateurs are inactive.
  • Dirigeant : Members with this rank can make decisions about the town. To obtain this rank, you must be promoted by a chef.
  • Citoyen : French word for citizen, members who have a building in Mount Pespla
  • Inactif : Members who have been banned or inactive for at least three months.
  • Allié : This rank is not for members, but for players who belong to at least one of the groups that are associated to Mount Pespla (see above).


If you are missing here, please contact Anubis773


Mount Pespla is inactive and therefore not controlled by anyone, however in the past, Anubis773 was the mayor who made the most important decisions on Mount Pespla. The table below shows the players Anubis773 recognised as leaders of Mount Pespla as of January 2023.

Current Mt Pespla Leaders
Name Rank Anubis773 Chef Acesrt Dirigeants

Former leaders

In Mt. Pespla, there have been dirigeants and chefs who have resigned from the leadership of Mount Pespla. The names of these people must be remembered in the history of the Mount Pespla because they helped the town to become a great one.

List of Mt. Pespla Former Dirigeants and Chefs
Name Rank Resignation date Reason ahri_29 Chef April, 2022 Banned by_kpan Dirigeant April, 2022 Inactive Roostery Dirigeant August, 2022 Unkown AdoreKitten Dirigeant early 2023 Stopped managing the town ScatterBlaster Dirigeant October, 2023 Inactive Number_79 Dirigeant 2022 Unknown


In early March 2022, Anubis773 decided to make alliances and join many groups to make the city more known and popular.

Allied Groups & Towns

Mount Pespla is allied to the following groups and towns :

Settlements Groups

Mount Pespla joined the following settlement groups :

Nearby settlements

Distance table
Names of settlements/outposts Distance to Mount Pespla (blocks)
New Finland 712
Sunny Meadows 190
CornerStone 782
Las Vereno 796
Lake Callian 797
Port Beerian 656
Burgeon City 457
Nereva Outpost 1105
Fort Marian 1310
Carling Outpost 1600
Port Aida 2630


  • One day, Anubis773 decided to place three mob spawners (cow, sheep and pig) in the middle of the city. This resulted in Mount Pespla being filled with animals. Fortunately, the problem was resolved.
  • The fastest time a member was banned from Freedonia after joining Mount Pespla was 70 minutes.
  • On 9 July 2022, DoubleHelix457 accidentally loaded the wrong version of Mount Pespla while trying to repair grief, leaving the plateau as it was when it was completely untouched. It took 2 server restarts to reload the correct version.
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