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Anubis773 is a player, writter, town owner[1], explorer and historian of MinecraftOnline. He's not really active at the moment, but you can see him from time to time.

User Anubis773

weird orange eyes that make you wonder why

Known as anubis
Gender Male
Location Freedonia
Nationality Pesplian
In Freedonia
First joined 21 February 2021
First building First house
Kit level ***** Nether
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Anubis773's journey in MinecraftOnline began with a casual encounter with a video by the French YouTuber FuzeIII, introducing the server. Initially hesitant, Anubis773 eventually decided to give it a try. Joining on February 21, 2021, he embarked on his adventure in a world still unfamiliar to him, navigating the server's commands and settling in a humble abode between Valencia and Glenfiddich.

Through chance encounters, he found companionship in le_clasheur_123, who introduced him to French-Speaking City. The allure of a French-speaking community drew him in, leading to new friendships, albeit with occasional setbacks like raids and PvP encounters.

Transitioning from one settlement to another, he found himself in Heaven On Sea, an oceanic town led by NickolasDiamond. Here, he contributed to the town's growth and prosperity, only to witness its decline as player activity dwindled.

Determined to leave a lasting legacy, Anubis773, along with AuraFireblood and Gerbuda, embarked on the founding of Mount Pespla. Despite facing various hurdles including bans and changes in player dynamics, they steered the town towards prosperity, forging alliances and solidifying its position within the McO community. During her tenure, ahri_29 played a pivotal role, contributing significantly to Mount Pespla's development and fostering its growth.

However, personal reasons led him to withdraw from the server, entrusting Mount Pespla to ahri_29. Unfortunately, subsequent events, including the ban of the appointed successor, left the town in a state of abandonment, marking the end of an era in Anubis773's McO journey.


You can contact Anubis773 using the following ways. Although an estimated response time is given with each of these, there's no guarantee that your message will answered within that time. In fact, you may not receive a response at all.

Estimated response time : 24 hours.
  • If you would like a long discussion and maybe instant messaging, use Discord. Username :
Estimated response time (for the first message) : 36 hours
  • If you want to give any in-game item or a long letter in a written book, use Anubis773's in-game mailbox at coordinates -15605 / 88 / -4170 ; the nearest Nexus pad is Mount Pespla - Purple 1. For players with Obsidian Kit and above, use this command :
    /tpto -15605 88 -4170
Estimated response time (for letters) : 1 month. The response method should be specified in the letter.

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[1] owner of Mount Pespla.

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