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User Anubis773

Glowing orange eyes, showing his kindness

Known as anubis, anubith
Gender Male
Location France
Nationality french
In Freedonia
First joined 21 February 2021
First building His first house
Donor level ***** Diamond
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Anubis773 is a french MinecraftOnline regular player. He is mostly known to be the founder and owner of Mount Pespla. He is currently inactive.

Anubis773's first house
Anubis773's second house
Anubis773 and NickolasDiamond at Heaven On Sea
1x1 maparts in Anubis773's old museum
The creation of Mount Pespla
Magnificent panorama
Mount Pespla's village square on October 29th, 2021
Anubis773 riding a pig riding a boat piloted by Energheat
Slimes love Anubis773
Anubis773 and RosiestOcean115 signing an alliance treaty at the Pesplian Dungeon Roostery, ahri_29 and Anubis773 visiting the museum in the Pesplian Dungeon



Anubis773's character has glowing, orange eyes which are showing kindness. He also have a blue T-shirt, blue is often seen as the color that symbolizes the freedom. Anubis773 can sometimes be seen with other skins.


  • "On ne décide pas de quel pays on vient, mais on décide à quelle culture on appartient" ; traduction : We don't decide from which country we come, but we decide to which culture we belong
  • "bonjour baguette"
  • " SlowRiot is using the server to ddos 2b2t"


The discovery

One day, Anubis773 saw the video of a french youtuber called FuzeIII talking about MinecraftOnline. The video was nice and interesting, but he didn't choose to join. However, a few month later, he decided to take a look at this server...

His first steps

It was February 21, 2021, the sun was rising on McO, version was 1.7.10, and suddenly, Anubis773 joined the server for his first time. At the time, he was not used to go on Minecraft servers, and he didn't know server commands like /home, /warp or /wilderness so he just walked to the south until he found a place to build his house. Then he began to survive without really paying attention to other players, as his english was really bad (although he was sometimes checked by a moderator). His house was built with cobblestone and wood, between Valencia and Glenfiddich, next to Route 101, and it was not built in a specific town or settlement.

French players

While exploring Freedonia, Anubis773 met an other french player named le_clasheur_123 who invited him to French-Speaking City, a settlement for french players. He settled here and abandoned his first base. His new house was built only with cobblestone and was way bigger (probably the biggest of the town). One day le_clasheur_123 told him that he found a base with unprotected chest near HillValley. They looted this base together, but they made a terrible mistake : they teleported to their houses, from this base, which means that the owner of the base could see their teleport trails. In the following days, Anubis773 was killed twice, by Selimbits and NickolasDiamond. Luckily, his best gear was in a chest protected with wool. More and more players came to French-Speaking City, but it became inactive because new players don't usually become regular players, le_clasheur_123 also stopped playing McO. There was only one player left in the town : Anubis773. McO became boring for him and he became inactive, until the server was updated to 1.12.2. He started playing again, but he was still the only active player at French-Speaking City. Walking in the nether, he met NickolasDiamond in the chat, Nickolas was not here to kill him, but to invite him to a new town.

Journey on the ocean

NickolasDiamond's town was called Heaven On Sea and it was right in the middle of the ocean, the nearest warp was NewHaven and it was a spruce-themed town. He accepted to settle here, he built a house with NickolasDiamond's spruce wood. It has even underwater farms and a little museum underground. One of his neighbors was RainBd who had a beautiful garden under her house. She gave an authentic (not made with shulker from Shulker Ranch) shulker box to Anubis773. Heaven On Sea became richer and richer, a new, huge XP farm was built, and new settlers came. One of the inhabitants, jgo, built a sort of floating Mountain called Dante's Peak. But the town became in its turn inactive and many inhabitants left it.

A new beginning

Anubis773 didn't want to stay at Heaven On Sea, but he didn't want to join a new town that will probably become inactive one day. So, in October 2021, he decided to found his own town. But a town needs inhabitants, so he went to spawn to search for players and he met AuraFireblood (who was called RobynMasquerade at the time) and Gerbuda. Together they went to a random nexus-linked town, and it was Las Vereno. They walked East until they found a nice savannah plateau to settle. "Nice view !" said AuraFireblood. They choose to call their town Mount Pespla, and Anubis773 placed a sign with their names, which is still the first block ever placed on the Mount. A new story began, that of Mount Pespla.

The rise and fall

Mount Pespla was getting bigger and bigger, even though Gerbuda got banned, AuraFireblood and Anubis773 built their houses, Anubis773 started to build a dungeon in the East side of the Mount, it's a massive cobblestone build with a lot of things inside, like a museum with the items that come from his old house at Heaven One Sea. A discord server was created, farms were built, such as the XP farm. AuraFireblood began to make a new house with white concrete and acacia wood, but it was never finished. Why ? Because AuraFireblood got banned and Anubis773 was now alone in his town. The game became boring again, and he stopped playing McO for a while. The town was dead...

The Rebirth of the Mount

Anubis773 retruned to McO and he started to invite new players such as Arthuros33 and by_kpan who also invited new players. New houses were built, farms were upgraded, and the town started to get bigger. The town joined groups like the Bedrocco Empire and the Lazuli Group. Anubis773 built relationships with JCobbler2012, the mayor of Lake Callian, a town located to the north of Mount Pespla. After a few weeks, Lake Callian and Mount Pespla became officialy allied. The town also became the ally of the Coefficiency. The construction of the dungeon was going well, and Anubis773 was playing more often on McO.

The End

Anubis decided to play McO less often due to personnal reasons, he hasn't been seen since december 30, 2023. He deleted the pesplian discord server and decided to let ahri_29 take care of Mount Pespla. However, in early march of 2023, ahri got banned for x-raying ; she said that she won't make an appeal, even though she wasn't admiting x-raying. She decided to leave McO to get more time in real life. Since this event, Mount Pespla is considered as a "dead" town.


Anubis773 has some collectible items and writen books. If you want to buy some you can ask him in-game (if he isn't online, use the mail system of MCO), he would probably not sell one of these items if he has only one copy of it.

Collectible Items

  • Petrified armour pieces (no boots)
  • Reputation cookies from random peoples
  • Valentine's day 2022 boots
  • Valentine's day 2022 chocolate
  • April fools 2022 diamond
  • Daylight nugget
  • Angry/normal bee head
  • Pumpkin pail
  • Spooky Pumpkin
  • Manuka honey
  • Snowflake
  • Penguin head
  • Mutated Bread
  • Golden apple
  • Zombie Slayer
  • Chrismas tree
  • New year fireworks
  • Shulker heads
  • Compact terrain
  • Easter bunny drops and easter eggs (Easter 2022)


Shulker 1
Title Author Type Pages
"JMC Story book #1" JulianMagicCraft Copy of the original 38
"Pee Movie" JulianMagicCraft Copy of the original 22
"JMC Book #2" JulianMagicCraft Copy of the original 50
"siuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" PeteJasper Copy of the original 1
"Acsidol's Labor Contract v.5" Acsidol Copy of the original 14
"N'Gasta! Kvata!" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 6
"amogus" Roostery Original 1
"Bronco X Reader" Chromaticals Copy of the original 10
"New Song Out Now" Big_Ol_Sherb Copy of the original 2
"Julian" JulianMagicCraft Original 3
"I wanna eat an admin" ScenarioPlanet Copy of the original 5
"The greates" RightWards Original 1
"How to catch an admin" ScenarioPlanet Copy of the original 5
"Barenziah Part 1" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 27
"Barenziah Part 3" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 26
"ITS HAPPENING" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 1
"Diamond Mall Hilights 2021-12-16" abamacus Copy of a copy 49
"Shiroyama" ClonLP Copy of a copy 50
"The Verico Revolution" EpicBaby Copy of the original 19
"LatviaCity Story" harboiledcarrot Copy of the original 19
"Remember, Remember" Milipede Copy of the original 8
"Pesplian Novel" Anubis773 Original 43
"KINGDOM Z" XxFIREDRAGONxX Copy of the original 7
"Governorship" ZJTrayGamingYT Copy of the original 2
"Library ID" ClonLP Copy of a copy 12
"Book" lukemaster60 Copy of the original 1
"=O" Wolf_War Original 1
Shulker 2
Title Author Type Pages
"DEED" by_kpan Copy of the original 2
"The girl below" RebelCommander7 Copy of the original 47
"Love Poems for W" FelixAo Copy of a copy 9
"" Bunsenbaker Copy of a copy 1
"The Last Moments ; Among Us;" HZombieMan Copy of a copy 19
"0" Warbee6 Copy of a copy 50
"Ukraine anthem" RebelCommander7 Copy of a copy 14
"Rage" Filip0706 Original 1
"Mango_Podz" Luigifan100 Original 5
"Vive la France" Anubis773 Original 18
"La Marseillaise" Anubis773 Original 12
"The Book" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 1
"Small Mountain" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 1
"The Adabal-a" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 16
"Barenziah Part 2" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 47
"Town Rules" Anubis773 Original 9
"Jabberwocky" Broncoskip Copy of a copy 7
"MCO's 10th" ScarClaw72 Copy of the original 18
"A worse Fate Than Death : Among Us:" HZombieMan Copy of a copy 12
"Rules" SlowRiot Copy of the original 7
"The History of Brikhelm" ZJTrayGamingYT Copy of the original 50
"Island of WAS#2" winx51 Copy of the original 19
"Survival Guide" Scampi_ Copy of the original 50
"Leave Me Alone" Zomon333 Copy of the original 8
"Firey Pizza Menu" Anna_28 Copy of the original 12
"Vecxzout" Vecxzin Copy of a copy 7
"Malidrakor" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 5
Shulker 3
Title Author Type Pages
"The Treaty of Pesplian Plains" Anubis773 Copy of the original 5
"Autograph" Filip0706 Copy of the original 1
"The Tower" Candarush Copy of the original 12
"Autobiography" Anubis773 Original 35
"Ahzidals Descent" Bunsenbaker Copy of the original 13
"Grilled Cheese" Luigifan100 Copy of the original 4
"Very important" feb1980 Copy of the original 35
"Nothing" Anubis773 Copy of the original 50
"Begginers Manual" RainBd Copy of a copy 10
"Harassment" abamacus Copy of a copy 9
"The Nethernomicon" Milipede Tattered 36
"DB's journal b1" DB_Frostmine Copy of a copy 17
"Reglas del puebl" ahri_29 Copy of the original 12
"Mod Recipe 1" Roostery Original 2
"Hardcore Journal" Anubis773 Original 19
"AdventureLogs" RainBd Copy of a copy 10
"Enchant Guide #1" abamacus Copy of the original 5
"Enchanting #2" abamacus Copy of the original 23
"Wither" Milipede Copy of a copy 7
"Community" Eclypto18 Copy of the original 1
"Ode to mSup" Milipede Copy of the original 8
"BryBabe" Bryber Copy of the original 6
"The Nethernomicon" (2022) Milipede Tattered 36
"Constitution of Mount Pespla" Anubis773 0riginal 13
"In the Company of Cultists" Milipede Copy of the original 41
"Goodbye MCO" UltraLightMemes Copy of a copy 4
"UKS - Pespla tea" ahri_29 Copy of the original 2
Shulker 4
Title Author Type Pages
"Matthaeus18:2122" ahri_29 Copy of the original 10
"GospelOfThomas 1" ahri_29 Copy of the original 49
"GospelOfThomas 2" ahri_29 Copy of the original 50
"GospelOfThomas 3" ahri_29 Copy of the original 11
"A Grand Takeover" Luigifan100 Copy of a copy 49
"Run Dog Run!" Milipede Copy of the original 50
"WonkaOil420's 2022 Journal" Milipede Copy of the original 50
"Milipede's Arcane Guide into Chaos" Milipede Copy of the original 50
"Love's Philosophy" Milipede Copy of the original 5
"Ozymandias" Milipede Copy of the original 5
"MCO Immortal" Milipede Copy of the original 13
"Mysterious Note" Milipede Copy of the original 1
"Because I could not stop for death" Milipede Copy of the original 6
"Theseus & the Minotaur" Milipede Copy of the original 50
"Flanders Fields" Milipede Copy of the original 4
"Milipede's Pilgrimage" Milipede Copy of the original 9
"The Founding" Lodish Copy of the original 38
"Ender" Milipede Copy of the original 7
"ahri_29 history" ahri_29 Original 4
These books are alliance treaties, they are in Mount Pespla's city hall.
Title Author Type Pages
"Peace THingy" JCobbler2012 Original 1
"The Treaty" RosiestOcean115 Original 1
"Mont Pespla Pact" Engifritz Original 3
"Cakeville" Luigifan100 Original 1