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User Xanpi3000


Known as Xanpi
Location France
DOB 2004-05-13
In Freedonia
First joined 3 March 2022
First building Xanpi3000's Underground House
Staff member Moderator
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Aether
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< Xanpi3000> This is by far my favourite server ever, I wish I could have discovered it years ago ! Xanpi3000 is a player who joined the server in 2022.

This player likes exploring the world, finding secrets and looting everything that look like a non-locked chest. A

Xanpi3000's Mansion

The biggest project, located in Spawn. Still being built.

Xanpi3000's Mansion Exterior Night.png


A forever living city, parody of Newport and an allegory of death and the passing of time.

Oldport Screenshot by Moxieskip.png Another Oldport Screenshot by Moxieskip.png

Maltapple Builds

Xanpi3000's Humble House

Xanpi3000's Humble House.png

Xanpi3000's Small Tower

Fraccu's render of the Small Tower.png

Xanpi3000's Light House

Xanpi's Light House.png

Xanpi3000's Golden Dome

Golden Dome.png

Other Builds

Map Arts

map_13969_1.png Castlevania-inspired Map Art The first project to be completed by Xanpi3000 was this Map Art.
YOU WILL LIVE WITH ME FOREVER Second Map Art to be made by Xanpi3000.


There is a high number of towers in Freedonia. Unfortunately, although most of them look very nice on the outside, the inside is often empty.

That's why I decided to decorate a floor in as many towers as possible (with their owner's permission, of course).


  • This user accidentally ended up in the sauna several times, due to clumsiness.