Phoenix Park

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green_nature+reserves.png Phoenix Park
PhoenixPark 01.jpg

A fancy render of Phoenix Park

Owner verydairyman
Contributors Anna_28 Chewy27_
Category Nature Reserves
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 26 August 2019
Completed 12 November 2019
Coordinates X=-4461
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Phoenix Isles
Map link

Phoenix Park is the "central" park of Phoenix Isle made mainly by verydairyman. Other players like Anna_28 and Chewy27_ made smaller parts of the park including the stream down the middle and a small forest easternmost.


  • Right in the middle of the park is a phoenix statue by verydairyman on top of a small base.
  • A swing set
  • Small gazebo
  • A performance dome
  • A basketball half court
  • A picnic area
  • A small fountain


User Anna_28 Playing Basketball
User anna.PNG