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User verydairyman

Leftover Skin from Steampunk Phase

Known as very, dairy
Gender Male
Location West Coast, USA
Occupation Supreme Leader of Las VeReno
In Freedonia
First joined November 20, 2018
First building Las Vereno, Lugar
View profile and statistics verydairyman, or Papa Emile (on Discord) is a poor, bored user who joined MCO in November of 2018 after watching a video from somewhere. The user is the Founder and Mayor of Las Vereno, a partially community funded project! Also the director of the Statue of Liberty project, a large recreation of the Statue of Liberty at Las VeReno. Very also founded Verallion, a town trade union.


Ok, so this is pretty simple. Very joined Freedonia in November of 2018 and hung out for about a month, doing things players normally do. He built what would later become Las Vereno, El Lugar at the time, out of two small houses, a farm, blacksmith, and the outline of what would become a pyramid. Very returned in January for a bit but wouldn't become active again until he returned after a four month hiatus in June, 2019. If was evident he had missed out on alot but he returned to work on the pyramid and finish El Lugar.

After some time, it was evident by the playerbase that the name "El Lugar" wasn't cutting it. It quite literally translates to "The Place" in Spanish. Though, the name would not be swapped out until after the wild west theme of the town was dropped. El Lugar went from a fine, decent looking yet small wild west build to a "thriving" city with the construction of the first skyscraper in Vereno. Going by many names, the "Community Tower" was built up at about 60 blocks tall by many players of the MCO community. Credits listed on the base of the tower. The skyscraper brought a new theme to Las VeReno, the city life. This only made the name "El Lugar" so much more confusing. The name was dropped after the new theme of the town was decided. El Lugar would go Las Vegas style. Thus the name "Las VeReno" was born. A combo between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. Very would continue work on this build to this very date.

After spending so much time on one build, things can get boring. So Very would go on to create many other projects in his presence. Most notably PrideVille™. Very was also an associate and major helper in cities such as Neo Tokyo, Soviet Eden, and [REDACTED]. Beside that, you can see many of Very's smaller builds all around the map. In places such as Phoenix Isles with Phoenix Park, Socorro, The Heart of Freedonia, Slatville, and more!


  • Mayor and Director(and Supreme Leader) of Las VeReno
  • Director of the Statue of Liberty project
  • Founder/Minister of Verallion