Phoenix Port

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green_ports.png Phoenix Isles Port
Owner Anna_28
Contributors mk59apr
Category Ports
Underground? No
Size north to south 173m
Size west to east 54m
Height 58m
Coordinates X=-4264
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Phoenix Isles
Map Link

Phoenix Port is the main shipping port of Phoenix Isles, located on the east side of the city.

Many trucks carry shipping containers to and from this port. Helicopters occasionally carry containers also. To reduce transport time, there is a warehouse located across the road from the port.

Inside the port are container straddles which carry containers to reorganise the containers, or move containers between the trucks, cranes, or storage.

Larger cranes move containers to and from ships that stop at the port. As Phoenix Isles is located in the large northern ocean of the map, container ships are the primary source of transport for materials.