Rasuka Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Rasuka Station
Rasuka Station.png

Station Platform

Owner Unknown
Station Code Rasuka
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-8620
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Rasuka
Map Link

Rasuka Station is a Railway Station located on the Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line in Rasuka.

Station Structure

Rasuka Station is built on a cliff near the village, The station has only a platform with no means for launching or stocking minecarts. The station is inaccessible from the village without enderpearls uses.

Note: This station can't be reached from the spawn, you can only access from the Obernai Central Station or via the Floatania Station.


List of services available at Rasuka Station:

  • Manual launch with booster rails
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To: Floatania

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