Obernai Central Station

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green_railway+stations.png Obernai Central Station

Obernai Central Station III

Owner getplayerhead.sh?LewisD95&16.png LewisD95
Category Railway Stations
Underground? Partly (Metro Station)
Public? No
Started 2017
Completed 2021
Size north to south 50m
Size west to east 40m
Height 35m
Coordinates X=-9745
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Obernai
Map Link


A few months after the creation of Obernai, the idea arose to link it to the Freedonia Railway System. Together with getplayerhead.sh?ickyacky&16.png ickyacky, getplayerhead.sh?LewisD95&16.png LewisD95 started building a branch from the Great Northern Line, not far from Floatania. In its early days, the line only served the stations of Deckland and Obernai, but gave a nice view on Palindrome7's testing area and the surroundings of Obernai, later called Strasbourg.

The first station building was nothing particularly interesting, being nothing more but 2 platforms and a bridge to grant access to the other side of the station. This station, Obernai Central Station I, was soon covered by an enormous spruce roof, which was never finished. In 2019, this roof was completely demolished and replaced by a much simpler design, Obernai Central Station II. This new version had 4 platforms, serving the local line of Obernai, connecting the centre with the border of Obernai with Feudlandia.

Later, the station was expanded with a metro station, as well as a big junction of all main Obernai metro lines. Since everything was dug out, without a real plan of how the future metro system would look like, the quickly became a mess. The idea to clean up this mess was the start of big renovation plans for the station. In 2020, getplayerhead.sh?LewisD95&16.png LewisD95 started building a Dutch inspired building, matching the style of the later years of Obernai. The station is now an official FRS station, from where players can get to all 4 cardinal directions.

Train Schedule

This train station operates in the same way many other stations on the server work. You buy or bring your own cart, board from the correct platform onto the lime wool block, hold your ticket, and there you go. Check the FRS wiki page for directions and stations.

Platform 1 and 2

Platform 1 and 2 give access to the local line of Obernai, and is not officially linked to the FRS. This line connects Las Vereno with Nexus NW 2 through Feudlandia, Shireford and EastCliff.

Platform 3 and 4

Platform 3 and 4 give access to the FRS Great Northern Line. This line connects Spawn with Old West-Border, but near Floatania, the line is branched of towards Obernai and further north through Tedster Island, New Snak City, Townbuildthing, FRS North-West Hub, Forrrest and finally North Noob Island. For information on how to travel to these towns, redirect to this sub (information coming soon).

Map of the Metro system of Obernai

Metro Schedule

Obernai has a complicated metro line network, existing from one core line (Red Line), connecting the Town Hall, through the Obernai Central Station, going all the way west towards Obernai Cathedral. From Obernai Central Station, almost all stations can be reached without transfer. However, it might be required to buy a ticket for correct sorting (more information soon).

Obernai Red Line

The Red Line connects Obernai Townhall (/st TownHall) with Obernai Cathedral (/st Cathedral) via: Obernai TransportHub (/st TransportHub, connection with the Nexus), Obernai Central Station (/st ObCS), Obernai Farms and Mines (/st FarmsMines), Obernai Port (/st PortObernai) and Obernai Market (/st Market). With the correct ticket, sorting towards the Green, Blue and Yellow line is possible (line names subject to change).

Obernai Yellow Line

The Yellow Line forms the North–South axis of Obernai. Starting from the Central Junction, it connects to the districts of Elsau (/st Elsau) and Sankt Ingmar (/st StIngmar), with a stop at Obernai Marshalling Yard (/st Marshalling). Terminus of this line is the station of Strasbourg, from where connection to the FRS and the Purple Line is provided.

Map of the Metro system of Obernai

Obernai Green Line

The Green Line is the first line ever created in Obernai, connecting Obernai East Port (/st EastPort) with the TransportHub. Later, the line was extended towards the Arena of Obernai (/st Arena). The line gives access to the Blue Line, with a functional ticket.

Obernai Blue Line

The Blue Line is the fast East-West axis of Obernai, connecting the Arena via the Marshalling Yard (/st Marshalling) to Obernai Cathedral (/st Cathedral). Connection to the Yellow and Green Line is provided.

Obernai Silver Line

The Silver Line is not yet accessible, but will connect the Yellow Line, between Marshalling Yard and Elsau, with Obernai West Port. This line might be seen as an extension from the Blue Line.

Obernai Purple Line

Only a part of the Purple Line is currently available, being the part between the Yellow Line and the Orange Line. This line will connect Strasbourg with the station for Obernai West Port (/st WestPort). Currently, it only gives access to the station of Strasbourg Rohan (/st Rohan) and to the Orange Line.

Strasbourg Orange Line

Technically not a part of the Obernai metro system, but listed anyway. This line provides access to the Strasbourg XP-farm, from the Yellow Line, and in the future from the Purple Line (Obernai West Port).