Rules Hall

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green_attractions.png Rules Hallway

Entrance of the hallway

Owner SlowRiot
Category Attractions
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=10809
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The Rules Hallway is the first thing first-time players see.

The hallway contains the server rules in multiple languages for new players. Current translations from English include:

  • Español (Spanish),
  • Portugues (Portuguese),
  • Turk (Turkish),
  • Deutsh (German),
  • Francais (French),
  • русский (Russian),
  • Nederlands (Dutch) and
  • Italiano (Italian).

Polski (Polish) and čeština (czech) translations are not yet available.

Any player is able to return to the rules at any time using the /rules command.

After exiting the rules hallway, players are taken to the Freedonian Tour, then Spawn.

See Also

  • Language Hub - Previously called Tour, the old language hub for new players
  • Tour - The Freedonian Tour, where players are taken to after the rules.
  • Spawn - World spawn area.