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green_attractions.png The Freedonian Tour

One of the many glass viewing boxes

Owner Unknown
Category Attractions
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-1905
Dimension Overworld
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The Tour is a system of teleport pads in glass viewing boxes that allows players to get a view of a few major builds and towns on the server. Players can take a tour with /tour or from the pad in the Visitor Centre, and exit at any time using commands such as /spawn.

Players can choose between 3 Tours; Freedonia, Historical, and Extended Tours. Stepping on the green pad in a viewing box will take you forward in the tour, and blue pads will take you to the previous location.

The Historical and Extended Tours were added on 2022 after the Tour of Terror, separately from the preexisting Freedonia Tour. Exploring each tour exists as advancement as of 1.12.


Freedonia Tour

The Freedonia Tour feature builds selected as the only Tour until 2022, many of which are built before 2014.

The tour teleport pad at spawn
Cinematic screenshot of the Central Nexus and Project Angel
Bright Lights of Lava Town Plaza from the Rail Line
View of ArtVille using the Render system
Glenfiddich harbor
Xenotopia from above
Inside one of the buildings at Avalon
Tannhaeuser gate outside Port Dhal
The Yellow Bouncer
Buildings on the floating islands at Batugus

Project Angel

A giant angel statue made of white wool, with Nexus Central and Art by MattyQ nearby.

One Diamond Plaza

Also called Diamond Mall, this is Freedonia's largest shopping centre, with Nexus West.

Lava Town

A major town with the theme of lava. Also showing a Pigchinko board.


As the name suggests, this warp is a town made of pixel arts.

Jellycake Arena

A minigame made by FlyingJellyfish where players must try to eat all the cake, with a sky bridge nearby.


Glenfiddich is one of the largest towns in Freedonia, created mainly by a group called the Glen Team.


A city built entirely by Xenouk. A model scale of the Babylon 5 station also constructed by Xenouk can be seen nearby.

Poke Art

Another large collection of pixel art, this collection is flat above the ocean and pokemon themed. All made by jonathanpanda.


Originally a set of natural villages, this area has been expanded into a large city with the theme of natural NPC villages.


Primarily made by Liastrae, this town is the home of The Accord. Its Pigchinko board and a ship made by fmxstick can also be seen.


A city based around the Imperial Age on a volcanic terrain mostly made by fmxstick.

Port Dhal

A settlement with extreme attention to detail in every building. The Yellow Bouncer, Tannhauser Gate and Caravelle Zero are also easily visible.

Kurai Cho

Built primarily by thesprazzzler, this town is a Japanese-themed town using mostly wood materials.

Statue Park

Giant 3D statues of most minecraft mobs and a few players, mainly built by gabzwithabz and Machines_Are_Us.


Made by nosefish and bubba_basti, this town uses Craftbook in almost every building allowing players to interact with the builds.

Batugus and Batugus Labs

A settlement built on top of floating islands in the sky, with an underground complex filled with farms and generators. The Guitar and Pokethedral are also nearby.


The world's spawn point, still in the same place it was when the server opened years ago. Spawn is the centre of activity in Freedonia, with places like the Visitor Centre which includes cake. The Freedonia Railway System can be seen outside the viewing box.

Historical Tour

This tour feature builds from 2010 to 2013, keeping its classic looks today.


The Spawn pond keeps its shape from 2010, when runechan first set foot on the world. New and old buildings meet each other.


Fortified by a 220m-long wall, this city was formed according to plan as an expansion of a sky town Dial Republic which resides nearby.

Project Angel

Standing next to Nexus Central, a copy of Stanford Angel was built using only natural resources.


The server's largest single enclosed building built by TBSilver.


Construction for the Power Plant was obstructed due to the Ghast War and abandoned ever since. The place is now maintained for its history, and once a warp.


This town administered by the Glen Team expanded up to nearly a kilometre square. Some of the facilities are still used in server events.

Capture the Flag

The arena of one of the oldest games in MinecraftOnline. Capture the Flag arenas are located across the old expansion of Freedonia, and the arena in the tour is located near HillValley.


The underground village formed by SlowRiot. Numerous roads extend from the tower on the surface.


CatVille is located just to the southwest of Spawn. It is still a warp to this day, with the signboard crammed with hundreds of visitors' messages from the past and present.

Temple of Supreme Fishiness

A Chinese-styled temple built by nosefish and bubba_basti that worships the Fishy Gods.


The wood and cobblestone-themed buildings (converted to stone bricks later) reformed in 2018 and were completed in 2022.

Isle of Muu

Various admins (at the time) statues such as Flippeh and the isle founder, AgentMuu, are built and kept here to honour those players. Many of those statues were placed at Spawn.

Extended Tour

This tour feature builds from 2014 to 2022, with more variety of blocks, colourfulness, and creativity.


A town that is forever Christmas, no matter the day, month or season. Nearby has one of the Batugus Builds, The Iron Reef, a public farm for some resources.

Gran Syre Draglide12 built eclectically styled buildings by two valleys of desert and savanna biomes with oases nearby.

Phoenix Isles

A city on an artificial island full of skyscrapers and busy streets.

Project MOON

A 6-year project led by ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy, home to the Neighbor Luna, an ancient floating village resurrected from ashes.


Nicknamed "Fake Japan", Saikyo (west capital in Japanese) is the settlement formed of islands that resembles the country of the rising sun.


The buildings by DropperOfRivia is a reference to Italian-Romanian builds.

New Eden

Regarded as the best (active) settlement in Freedonia, New Eden is a city located in the southern region housing 200 residents. It has recently just closed down its gate for new entries by its founder Eclypto18 and co-owner TheDemetri, after hosting various events, local and server-wide.

Stone Dragon

Soaring above the skies of BenjaminStad and AmpCity, this monstrous dragon was created by Ziza_art and _Nellon. Its wings span a whole kilometre.


Filled with darkness, as if it is in hell, strange events occur within Scampi_'s monster town.

Andromeda Mapart

The largest existing mapart in MinecraftOnline made by swissm4n based on the image of the Andromeda Galaxy. You can see some of McO's maparts on the tour or on the mapart page.

Shulker Ranch

This place in The End powered by the PenguinDungeons plugin is a dangerous place with various types of shulkers and rare resources which is hard to obtain elsewhere. You need an End Crystal to activate the dungeon.

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