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green_attractions.png The Freedonian Tour

One of the many glass viewing boxes

Owner Unknown
Category Attractions
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-1905
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The tour teleport pad at spawn
Cinematic screenshot of the Central Nexus and Project Angel
Bright Lights of Lava Town Plaza from the Rail Line
View of ArtVille using the Render system
Glenfiddich harbour
Xenotopia from above
Inside one of the buildings at Avalon
Tannhaeuser gate outside Port Dhal
The Yellow Bouncer
Buildings on the floating islands at Batugus

The Freedonian Tour is a system of teleport pads in glass viewing boxes that allows players to get a view of a few major builds and towns on the server. New players after exiting the rules hallway get teleported to the tour, players can exit at any time using commands such as /spawn. Stepping on the green pad in a viewing box will take you forward in the tour, and blue pads will take you to the previous location.

After finishing the tour players are taken to Spawn.

Any player can enter the tour by using the teleport pad in the Spawn Visitor Centre or by using the command /tour.


Project Angel

A giant angel statue made of white wool, with Nexus Central and Art by MattyQ nearby.

One Diamond Plaza

Also called Diamond Mall, this is Freedonia's largest shopping center, with Nexus West.

Lava Town

A major town with the theme of lava. Also showing a Pigchinko board.


As the name suggests, this warp is a town made of pixel art.

Jellycake Arena

A minigame made by FlyingJellyfish where players must try to eat all the cake, with a sky bridge nearby.


This is the largest town in Freedonia, created mainly by a group called the Glen Team.


A city built entirely by Xenouk. A model scale of the Babylon 5 station also constructed by Xenouk can be seen nearby.

Poke Art

Another large collection of pixel art, this collection is flat above the ocean and pokemon themed. All made by jonathanpanda.


Originally a set of natural villages, this area has been expanded in to a large city with the theme of natural NPC villages.


Primarily made by Liastrae, this town is the home of The Accord. Its Pigchinko board and a ship made by fmxstick can also be seen.


A city based around the Imperial Age on a volcanic terrain mostly made by fmxstick.

Port Dhal

A settlement with extreme attention to detail in every building. The Yellow Bouncer, Tannhauser Gate and Caravelle Zero are also easily visible.

Kurai Cho

Built primarily by thesprazzler, this warp is a Japanese themed town using mostly wood materials.

Statue Park

Giant 3D statues of most minecraft mobs and a few players, mainly built by gabzwithabz and Machines_Are_Us.


Made by nosefish and bubba_basti, this town uses craftbook in almost every building allowing players to interact with the builds.

Batugus and Batugus Labs

A settlement built ontop of floating islands in the sky, with an underground complex filled with farms and generators. The Guitar and Pokethedral are also nearby.


The world's spawnpoint, still in the same place it was when the server opened years ago. Spawn is the center of activity in Freedonia, with places like the Visitor Centre which includes cake. The Freedonia Railway System can be seen right outside the viewing box.

See Also

  • Language Hub - Previously called Tour, the old language hub for new players
  • Rules Hall - Current language hub for the rules
  • Spawn - World spawn area, where players are taken after the tour