Ryujin Castle

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green_castles.png Ryujin Castle
2014-01-09 09.39.49.png

To Date Screenshot of Current Sight

Owner getplayerhead.sh?fmxstick&16.png fmxstick and getplayerhead.sh?Raggus&16.png Raggus
Contributors Thanks to the many contributors of which there are too many to be listed
Category Castles
Underground? Partial
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-4050
Dimension Overworld
Map link

This castle was started by getplayerhead.sh?Raggus&16.png Raggus who was a member of Glen Team, but seeming Raggus did not play minecraft as often anymore, he handed the project over to any member of Glen Team. One day getplayerhead.sh?fmxstick&16.png fmxstick was bored, so he was trolling around looking for a new project to start when he saw on Raggus's wall that he had given the opportunity to Glen Team to finish or help out with the project he started. getplayerhead.sh?fmxstick&16.png fmxstick has been chipping away at the creation of the castle and has finally completed the main castle and ship designs. The Castle connects to Riots Lodge island near "liltown" owned by lilbatesperu and old boundary lands land.

Progress Screenshots

Current Sight.