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User fmxstick

Suit Ninja

Known as fmx,errrrrfmx, fmxstick or FMX to get his attention
Gender Male
Location Australia
Nationality Australian/English
DOB 1993-05-15
Occupation Farmer and Snow-Grooming
In Freedonia
First joined 24 June 2011
First building Viking Longboat near the old warp Dam
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
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The friendly fmxstick.

About fmxstick

fmxstick is an admin that strives to try and help out wherever he can to improve the server. He will kindly answer any questions about the server if it is appropriate for the player to know. He does his best to train any moderator that needs some help understanding moderating. fmxstick is linked to a few wiki pages via projects and foundations. He is a proud worker and creator who has worked on many projects around freedonia. He is active and friendly when on team-speak. fmxstick also shares the upper level of his old base with kisss256 and the lower level with his cousin yabashiri.

fmxstick's Projects


Ideas and in the making

  • fmxstick is always working on his Japanese styled district in the newly expanded area inside Glenfiddich.
  • fmxstick is currently working on a new settlement called Melouthous.


  • I am a reasonable admin (in my opinion) devoting my eyes to watching all the chat in-game whilst building projects, log checking, helping those who ask and talking to my friends either in-game or on team speak.
  • I am always monitoring the server, keeping an eye out for grief and trying to help others with their questions or projects, i also am giving away free equipment to those many hard workers.
  • sometimes I take a well needed break from my projects and go to see what everyone else is doing around freedonia.

Favorite Quote's

 <@McObot> (MCS) <The_Jackal_249> imaMIN0R: fmx has gone to bed, refill the glass shop :) bubba_basti: are you an aether donor fmx?
 fmxstick: yes.... bubba_basti: can you feed me :)?
 fmxstick: fine.. :P

Some of my Creations

Pirate Ship at Avalon
Glenfiddich Monster Spider
fmxstick's Ship at Vizima
fmxstick's first build.