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Shintyx Time Corp. is out of business since the inclusion of timing features in craftbook extra. The receiver bands described below are no longer available. Use Hour00 to Hour23 instead.

The Shintyx Time Corporation provides precise time measuring of in-game time for all residents of Freedonia, free of charge. Two different versions are offered: By-the-hour 24-hour time controls, mirroring real-life time measuring used in any clock, and 12-hour long time bands. Both systems are explained in further detail below. The Shintyx Time Corporation was founded and built by Shintyx (as the name might have suggested).



The Shintyx Time Corp. provides 24 wireless timer bands, each representing one hour of in-game time (i.e. 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock etc.). Each timer band will stay active for one in-game hour, until the next band becomes active. Thus, precision 24-hour in-game time control for a variety of devices can be employed. The timers take the /goodnight command into account. In the event of a successful change of time through the /goodnight command, the timers will adjust accordingly and still represent the correct in-game time. Furthermore, the timers will also reset themselves to the correct time if an admin arbitrarily changes time. They will do so the next time day changes to night or vice versa. Thus, maximum precision is provided. The wireless bands are named so that their number correspond to the in-game time that they represent. Timer band names are:

  • shinhour0 (midnight / 0 o'clock)
  • shinhour1
  • shinhour2
  • shinhour3
  • shinhour4
  • shinhour5
  • shinhour6 (day begins / 6 o'clock)
  • shinhour7
  • shinhour8
  • shinhour9
  • shinhour10
  • shinhour11
  • shinhour12 (noon / 12 o'clock)
  • shinhour13
  • shinhour14
  • shinhour15
  • shinhour16
  • shinhour17
  • shinhour18 (dusk begins / 6 pm/18 o'clock)
  • shinhour19
  • shinhour20
  • shinhour21
  • shinhour22
  • shinhour23

12-hour long

In addition to the sophisticated timing bands above, the Shintyx Time Corporation also provides timer bands that stay active for 12-in-game hours and then remain inactive for another 12 in-game hours. Like the shinhour timers, these timers also take the /goodnight command and other artificial time changes into account. The band names are:

  • shintime0 ( becomes active at day start, deactivates at the start of dusk)
  • shintime1
  • shintime2
  • shintime3
  • shintime4
  • shintime5
  • shintime6 ( activates at noon, deactivates at midnight)
  • shintime7
  • shintime8
  • shintime9
  • shintime10
  • shintime11
  • shintime12

How to use

In order to use a wireless band, players need to place a sign on the side of a block.

  • The first line of the sign is left blank and fills automatically later.
  • The second line of the sign should say [MC0111]
  • The third line of the sign needs to say the respective wireless bandname, so either shinhourXX (X standing as a variable for the number), or shintimeXX.

On the other side of the block that the sign is place on, a lever needs to be attached. Redstone wiring that, for example, lights up a Netherrack block can then be connected to this lever.


Possible applications for the services of the Shintyx Time Corp. are numerous and are impossible to include here in their entirety. Some examples of possible uses are:

  • Analogue and digital 24-hour in-game clocks that work like real-life clocks, especially through the use of the shinhour timers (example at Spawn).
  • Clock towers (rebuild Big Ben).
  • Night illumination for houses/cities.
  • Illumination or devices that only turn on during specific times of the day/night, or shifting city illumination at night.
  • A cozy fire that lights up for a bit every evening.
  • Houses that are only accessible at certain points during the day/night cycle.
  • Playing a lullaby midi file every in-game night at 10 or 11 p.m. to ease your sleep.
  • Some other application that will blow all our minds.


Due to a Craftbook bug, individual bands might occasionally turn on or off prematurely. They will fix themselves automatically when the cycle starts again. This bug will hopefully be fixed with the next Craftbook update.

UPDATE: Bug not fixed by Craftbook but circumvented in the clockwork. It should very seldom occur now, if at all.

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