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Shypixel Power & Light (SP&L) was incorporated in May of 2011 by shypixel and several of his multiple personalities. SP&L has been granted lease to the top of a tall building near spawn, in exchange for providing light level detection services to Freedonia. SP&L's Craftbook light detection transmitter bands are open to all residents of Freedonia at no charge.

The Transmitter Bands

There are currently five tranmitter bands:

  • shylighthigh - Transmits signal when natural light levels are below full daylight
  • shylightmed - Transmits signal from sunset to sunrise
  • shylightlow - Transmits signal when natural light is at its lowest level
  • shylightmed2 - Transmits signal shortly before sunset to shortly after sunrise
  • shylightlow2 - Transmits signal when light is below all artificial sources

Planned Future Bands

  • w[warp name] - Individual bands that transmit a signal when stormy weather is present at each warp

Using the Bands

All residents of Freedonia are welcome to use the band signals as they wish. The signals are primarily meant to be used to control redstone pumpkin lighting in an outdoor setting. The multiple bands allow for lights to be set to trigger at different points of the dusk/dawn transition.

Setting up a receiver is easy, Simply place a sign on the side of a block:

  • 1st Line - Blank
  • 2nd Line - [mc0111]
  • 3rd Line - name of the band you are using

Then place a switch on the reverse side of the block.

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