Sky City Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Sky City Station
Sky City Station (Supersupsup's Trading Outpost) (Outside).png

Station Building

Owner Unknown
Station Code SkyCity
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-4323
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Sky City
Map Link

Sky City Station is an Railway station located on the Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line in Sky City

Station Structure

The station was build inside the "Supersupsup's Trading Outpost" under the Sky City on the ground level. Platforms are located in a room separated from the Trading Outpost with an iron door (always opened)

This very elder building are not maintened by the owner of the station, so some glitched doors by an server version update are still present in the station

The Station is connected to the main line with an underground line who pass under the Forbidden Outpost iced lake then use an Cart Lift system to connect the Great Northern Line

Platforms Room


List of services available in the Sky City Station:

Supersupsup's Trading Outpost Room, In the Station Building
  • Manual Cart Launch (With no helping system)
  • Public Minecart Chest
  • Public Crafting Table
  • Waiting Room
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