Forbidden Outpost Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Forbidden Outpost Station
Forbidden Outpost FRS Station (Outside).png

FRS Station building entrance

Owner Freedonia Railway System for the main building and Greenville Railroad for the local station
Station Code ForbiddenOutpost
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-4448
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Forbidden Outpost
Map Link

Forbidden Outpost in an major Railway Station located both Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line, Port Dome Line and New Venice Line. A second building owned by the Greenville Railroad have a direct line for reaching the North-West Nexus

FRS Station

the FRS station was build on the ground level, the station was composed with 2 main rooms, 1 for railway departure, 1 for services with an Nether portal who connect the station to this dimension. The station have a major role to serving the Western part of the map with railway, 3 differents line start from here:

These station mark the end of the historical service from the Spawn on the Great Northern Line when to border was smaller

Note: The Nether portal is very old, so it is now glitched when the server was updated to an another Minecraft version

Greenville Railroad Station

Located to the north of the FRS Station, this station have departure on the Greenville Railroad network. This line desserve Greenville, CJ Bender's Town and the North West Nexus with the same /st station system used on the FRS lines

The building have only 1 room with the platforms. A lift can be used for access to the roof of the station

Warning! The Greenville Railroad line is NOT maintened by the FRS working team, so his maintenance may be not assured, use at your own risks!


List of services available in the Forbidden Outpost Stations:

Ticket Service

FRS Station

Greenville Railroad Station

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