Sol Tunnels Hub

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Freedonia's center for the largest Nether highway project in history.

green_buildings.png Sol Tunnels Hub

Star of the Hub Isle

Owner ScarClaw72
Contributors PIXELMASTER1523
Category Buildings
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Completed August 9th, 2019
Size north to south 62m
Size west to east 40m
Height 97m
Coordinates X=-13121
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Project MOON
Map Link


The Sol Tunnels Hub is a building located on the Hub Island in The Archipelago of Project MOON. Originally named for The Sol Tunnels, they were left defunct after the 1.16.5 update leaving room for a new highway network to take its place. This large structure serves as the primary information center regarding the Nether Freeway System. It contains route information, resources for players passing through, and a massive underground map outlining the entire network.


Map Room

A large model map underground of the Nether Freeway System

Welcome Board

A comprehensive location index for each route.


A small place for visitors to relax

Map of The Archipelago

A large map of The Archipelago region of Project_MOON

Access Point

Nether portal connecting to the Highway.

Crafting Area

Featuring crafting tables, furnaces, ender chests, and an enchantment table. Local beds for travelers are also available.