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The Sol Tunnels began as a way of uniting the western edge of Freedonia, and expanded into something massive as part of Project SUN. Prior to the 1.16.5 update, it spread across the western server and even had a breach reaching all the way to the old east border. Originally, it was simply comprised of 1x2 tunnels in the upper parts of the nether. Later on, plans were set in place to overhaul the design and build a maproom under the Sol Tunnels Hub. These were later scrapped with the announcement of a nether reset, with a better system in the works via a new coalition of players. The Sol Tunnels are now a lost piece of instrastructure that once was widely used by players only to be deleted and succeeded by something grander.

The Map

Although being outdated by the time of the 1.16.5 update, this following map detailed the routes of The Sol Tunnels. It is 1:16 scale, with each square representing an entire chunk. For some stupid reason it was also built upside down.

Sol tunnels map.png


Aquaton TheBestBeastLove's Island
Bird City
Maywell village
Project MOON
Spring City
Numington Town

Sister Projects

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Project SUN
Project Dusk