The Bandits

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Organisations The Bandits
2011-03-12 01.24.44.jpeg

Entrance to the WaterShire castle

Leadership Rayzion
Headquarters Pokethedral
Founded Febuary 2011

"The Bandits" was founded by Rayzion who then befriended Kingcammy150, Smithy087 & Mrawlins. These four gave "The Bandits" its reputation. The Bandits was the first clan to be engendered in Freedonia. The clan created a castle which was located in Watershire until admin, ToneDial, took over it and made it as his own. xThisDude played an important role in The Bandits but was made out to be a non-member. The clan currently have a HQ located near the Pokethedral warp.

What should be ours!.