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The ancient art of Trolling. One attempted by many, mastered by few. Trolling is the act of throwing a targeted person into a fit of [insert any emotion that isn't positive here]. Trolling is the state of mind in which one is at peace with who they are. A troll is the Buddha of the internet. Trolls feed upon the weak and laugh in the face of insanity. Trolling undermines your morals and your trust in humanity. Trolls reproduce with spores and require lulz to mate with the interwebs. Trolling is when your loss becomes their gain. Trolling is an art, a sport, a delicacy, a genital rash of destruction, WAITING, for its next victim.

Why do they Troll

It is f***ing hilarious.

What Trolls Eat

  • Rage
  • Drama
  • Alcohol
  • Children
  • Lulz
  • Grammatical Errors
  • Fail
  • Win
  • Jell-o
  • Tears
  • Conversations
  • Reactions
  • Pudding
  • Humanity
  • Hard Drives
  • Bandwidth
  • Good Will
  • Innocence
  • Your Credit Score
  • Your Reputation
  • You

Who Trolls

Who does not Troll

  • Autistics
  • YOU
  • Children

How to Troll

Full information, including tutorials on avoiding being trolled, available here here: [1]

Trolling a Troll

Good luck with that. The act of double trolling is a dark art known by few.


When the victim realizes they have been trolled, they have one of 2 options: 1: Accept that they have been trolled and in turn decide to playfully deflect the troll’s remarks. Or 2: Continue raging and feeding the troll. The latter is not recommended.

What to do if you are being trolled

Curl up in a ball and hope to god it will forget you are there. It won’t forget you, it being a troll.

Defeating a Troll

All trolls are human, and are thus no different from you and me. They all have a weak spot. You just have to find it. Some say you have to alt + f4 them to death, some say you must kill them with fire. Some will even CAST MAGIC MISSILE to get rid of large troll infestations. Banning them gets rid of the problem. Usually. One must be careful when banning a troll. All personal information ever made public in front of a troll is a death wish. When banning a troll, one must be gentle : too harsh and the troll will raise a little troll family outside of your IP Mask, and soon have a troll community, then a troll city, then a troll nation AND THEN A TROLL ARMADA. Much like the bear cavalry, a force this tremendous is unstoppable. Soon they shall rush upon you like rednecks rush to a country fair.

Troll Communities on MinecraftOnline

Tangible Troll towns have recently appeared on Freedonia, one such town has been named Dupliss and currently has the map's biggest mine.[unconfirmed] Other troll towns are:

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