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green_towns.png Gay(Soviet) Eden
15-12-2019 Soviet Eden.png

Gay(Soviet) Eden

Founder Snakyman verydairyman
Contributors vauxhallmadman
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-5650
Dimension Overworld
Map link verydairyman Time to make New Eden 2: Electric Boogaloo

Soviet Eden is a town that was made for the purpose of mocking New Eden's ability to gain citizens with virtually no effort, and trying to see if a communist version of the town would do just as well. The economy was communist, and resembled a gulag: citizens must work in the mines to keep their tiny 4x4 houses. The small houses were made to mock New Eden's small apartments. However, there was a massive argument and misunderstanding that happened.

Soviet Eden's History: A Tale of Fury And Disbelief

Written by Raflamar & KingServal. December 15th 2019.


It started out when player's Snakyman, verydairyman, and KingServal started talking to each other. In the morning, they had decided to make an Empire. The purpose of the Empire, called "The Freedonian Imperial Federation" was to mainly combat a perceived hegemony that New Eden had. Each of the 3 founders towns were organized into a separate branch of Government. verydairyman would've gotten the judicial branch at Las Vereno, Snakyman would have gotten the Senate at Snaketown, and KingServal would have controlled the military at Socorro. After the planning of the branches, Snakyman and Dairy wanted to create a joke town near New Eden, one mocking it. They named it "Gay" and later "Soviet" Eden. After the planning of the town, Snak and Dairy got quick to work on making it. They had pre-built cobblestone houses, which looked like soviet housing blocks. They added a Gulag and a bad kremlin and Rocketship. KingServal wanted to make a military base in the harbor, but wasn't online at the time. Finally, the server started to take notice of this joke.
In summary, the joke of the town was that they were mocking New Eden, and decided to act upon it in a joking fashion.


When FlyingJellyfish came online, she announced that Snaky had committed no less than 3 acts of grief in the construction of Gay Eden.
The three griefs were:
1. The Blocking of a players build.
2. Placing a block next to a torch
3. Blockading a the harbor

Snakyman Response to his ban

  • These are all notes left by snaky on the Wiki

1. it was built to make boundaries so that we did not block it
2. was believed to be a torch built by an ally
3. this reason was completely not grief, and was actually just a joke made by snakyman but before he could explain that, his wifi crashed

Finally, due to snakyman being absent because his wifi stopped working, Jelly made the final decision that Snaky had committed enough grief. And was promptly banned. The reason that he was banned was unrelated to the fact that it was near New Eden, which is a common misunderstanding.

Player's Response

< WaffleNomster - > 
< KingServal - "An Era Ended Today" >
< Boxzy - "I started seeing Snakyman acting like 1Posa1 a week or two ago, he was causing Posa-like drama every day, killing noobs, verbal harrassment and toxic behaviour in general. I said to
Snaky, You are becoming Posa and he denied it. But the events of today seal the deal, he was addition griefing like posa. He denied to the last breath what the whole of chat told him, that its not
funny. Then he tried to sell the grief to his victim, like posa did to Sftsace. Then he argued with the admin what is, and is not grief and was banned, just like Posa." >
< _deckard - "short and sweet, I think snaky was acting the same way posa was, and pushing to see how far you can bend the rules just to make other player's experience on the server miserable
is not advisable. The rules are what has allowed this great community to exist. I am supportive of all players that follow the rules, even trolls, because that's part of survival. I don't know if
that is noteworthy, but those are my thoughts." >
< 1Posa1 - "From chat I saw that he didn’t believe he was breaking the rules And I feel that he may have been banned since people didn’t like him He was tried in a drumhead court
As many are on MCO" >
< SleeplessTheCat - "It’s depressing, I am sad." >
< Tyhdefu - "Life lesson: listen to what the mods say whether thats mods irl, aka police or in mco they are normally right" >
< verydairyman - "When jumping onto the bandwagon I had no intentions in griefing whatsoever. I had never been a big fan of New Eden and I had thought the idea of a communist parody of NE would
be pretty funny. Plans were to build a 7x7 block of block houses and a hole in which you had to dig in order to keep your house. Poking fun at how you had to pay diamonds in order to buy a rebuilt
house in NE. The name Gay Eden was thought of by snaky to follow along the line of similar projects such as Gayton. The area was chosen because of it's location near NE and because it was flat.
The area already had a prebuilt house but I meant to build south of it. Though as I was building the houses far away from the house, snaky ended up building the hole, farms, and storage on the
other side of the house. After building the road between the two areas, we had called wulf over to see if it was grief. He said no. I built sickle and hammers, rocket ship, and a gulag to make it
more Soviet. Snaky had built a "blockade",(sticks in the water) and a sign reading to "stay away capitalist fuckers" or something. The real kicker is the fact that snaky built in land eclypto
had claimed. This is what I agree is bannable. Beside that, I see no issue with the town." >
< Scampi_ - "I wonder if now is a bad time to ask him what he wants on his tombstone at NECROPOLIS..." >
< _WizardDev_ - "After some recollection, even with my feuds and hate of snaky, i must admit that i feel for him. I know what's it's like to be rejected by a community, to be thrashed and left under
the bus, just to be banned after having problems with certain people. It's just sad that I didn't get to know him more. He might have been great, but i missed out on talking with him or being friends."

Personal Accounts

These are accounts of people who have interacted with snak and their thoughts on the matter:

A Snakyman Ally Speaks Up

Written by KingServal December 15th 2019.

Snakyman was a good friend of mine, we had a lot of fun together during my early days on the server. making highways like Route 69, and founding the Freedonia Road Co.. But I don't know what happened to him. We used to be aggressive, constantly killing and raiding towns. But then I stopped and he continued. And yesterday, it culminated into a massive event. We tried to make an empire to balance power in Freedonia, unknowing what will happen in the next 24 hours. I personally didn't support the idea of a town, I believed it was going too far and that we should just make a small outpost or military base somewhere on the shore. All I can say is that bad decisions were made, and I hope everyone can learn from them and not repeat them.

Snakyman Speaks Up

Written by Snakyman December 16th 2019.

okay so basically what happened here was a massive misunderstanding, and this page is very messed up but what happened is as follows. me and dairy were joking about new eden having too many citizens, and then we decided to make a joke town to mock them and test minecraft communism, so we chose a spot we thought would not cause any issues. however as we were building it demetri started yelling at us but we thought he was just being annoying due to him not liking me. Eclypto and demetri later came on and seemed ok with it so we continued construction. Apparently they complained to admins too and before i could explain how the 3 instances of grief were unintentional or just not grief, my wifi stopped so i ran over to a local school to use free wifi on discord but it was too late. Please do not edit this paragraph.


Soviet Eden was moved to another part of the map so New Eden could get use out of the land, but they ended up deleting some of the builds that they banned snakyman for griefing. New Eden got control over the land and started to develop it. snakyman remained banned for 5 months until he was granted an appeal, forgiving him for Soviet Eden's feud but under the condition that he has to be nice and not start any disputes with New Eden or its residents. snakyman returns to the fatherland in its new location after he is unbanned.