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green_towns.png Gayton

Upper Circle from above.

Founder Netrom5
Contributors IvanLeshev Snakyman
Category Towns
Underground? No, quite the contrary
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Size north to south 200m
Size west to east 200m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-1280
Dimension Overworld
Map link


Gayton is a literal high society town located south for Aquaton. It was created as a side project in late June 2018. Its original project just being a large birch tower with a accompanying sphere. Soon after its construction Gayton was constructed on another sphere a few fifty blocks below the top circle.

The name derives from its neighboring town of Aquaton, adopting its ending with its own characteristics.


Gayton is founded to give the citizens of Aquaton and Freedonia alike, an above average home. No ordinary player can join the Gayton Community as it is an exclusive one. The town is purposely located at such an height that no player that doesnt have building permission above 128+ can join.

Gayton is also created to point out a contrast in the MCO community. As Aquaton has done a good job in recruiting, its main population is those who has recently joined. The contrast being that Gayton is the what the new players would want to reach, constantly watching over from above.

How to Join

Principally Gayton accepts everyone that wishes to join its community. But being at an fysical height and of limited building space, we do ask certain requirements for our citizens.

  • 1. You must want to provide and contribute in an positive manor to the Gayton community.
  • 2. You must have an overall good reputation by MCO.
  • 3. You must have an overall good reputation by Netrom5.
  • 4. You must have one of these following attributes.
  • 4.1 Over 100 Hours played.
  • 4.2 Over 20 overall reputation.
  • 4.3 Have the Iron rank or above

If you have all of these points feel free to contact Netrom5.


Gayton is its own settlement and NOT an insult to Aquaton. The name is not an insult to homosexuals. It is rather a play on words. The Gayton community aims to be a steroptupical snobbish one, naming it Gayton proves the point.

Being 2018, I feel the need to point this out. See this section as a comment on the exaggerated feel of need in political correctness in our modern society.


As of 24.06.2018 Gayton has the following citizens

  • Netrom5 Mayor and founder
  • Smudja First official citizen
  • IvanLeshev Dirtmaster, helped with building the foundation of the second circle.
  • Snakyman Plotmaster, helped with placing and deciding plot sizes.

We are currently accepting more citizens.


If you are lucky the best way of travel is to contact Netrom5 and ask for a /summon.

If not you can travel via the Gayton lifthub in Aquaton. To get to Aquation you must travel the nexus. Go via nexus South, the thru to Cosmic City. From there you should head South. Theres signs point you to Aquaton.


The Circles

Gayton consists of a structuring birch tower with it a ground level base. Surrounding the tower is two large platforms. One 50 blocks over and one third the size of the second one.

The Districts

Farming District

The Farming Districts consists of a large Windmill, a small supplying river and mainly; a wheat farm. The district is supposed to provide for the food supply in Gayton. However, in its surplus provide an excellent export to neighboring towns.

The Park

The park is home to a little pond, a few hills, a little cute hut and serves as a place to relax. A common problem for the Gaytonians is Height Sickness, providing fresh trees and a down-to-earth area for the Gaytonians to recover.

Mountain District

The Mountain District is rich in lustrous ores and veins, this is where Gayton gains it valuable trade goods. The district is still under construction

The Commercial District

The Commercial District is still under Construction.