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User 44trent3

A penguin.

Known as Trent, Trenten, Tront, Tronten
Gender Male
Location Wisconsin
Nationality American
DOB 2002-08-03
In Freedonia
First joined June 3rd 2012
Donor level ***** Aether
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One day while 44trent3 was looking for a Minecraft server, he discovered MCO. He very much wanted to play, but had not yet actually bought the game. A few days later, he bought the game and joined the server, playing since.

This user passed away on the 13th May 2023.

Current projects

Yeah, that's about it folks, I have a base by Obernai if you want to see it, but it's not very exciting.


  • Coca-Cola (a bit too much)
  • Burgers (Coke and burgers? Uh...Murica.)
  • Minecraft (Who'd have thunk it?)
  • Cookies
  • 70s rock
  • People, sometimes
  • Exploring MCO


  • Literal vampire potbelly goblins (Don't ask)
  • Miracle Whip (Who the hell puts that on a sandwich?)

Random screenshots

IRC logs

Want some #minecraftonline IRC logs? Get them here: [1].

Note: These logs only go from June 3rd, 2013 to January 18th, 2018.