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User Acesrt
Known as Acesrt, Ace, Aces, Acey
Gender Female
Location Québec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
DOB -04-3rd
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 7th June, 2022
First building My house at Mt. Pespla
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Obsidian
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The users SlothCubing and Acesrt standing next to eachother in Winterthorn! Acesrt surrounded by chicken spheres! Picture taken by Krenath
 This was written by MSWindows, OGvorva, Clomik, _SkyFalls, Luigifan100 and by yours truly, Acesrt
The users JesusMRS, AdoreKitten, Cosmic_potato_04, Bustus2110, MSWindows, _SkyFalls, Acesrt taking a group picture in Rutopia! Acesrt is a user on MinecraftOnline who joined in Early June 2022. She is commonly found ingame but is also found on Discord. Acesrt is exemplary at organizing and it's one of her specialties, another thing she enjoys doing is exploring.

Things I like! :D

- Exploring :D

- Helping other people :D

- Flowahs :D

- Building things :D

- Cake :D

- Welcoming new players :D

Timeplayed milestones! :o

-10 hours: 20/06/2022 :o

-20 hours: 15/08/2022 :o

-30 hours: 17/08/2022 :o

-40 hours: 09/01/2023 :o

-50 hours: 12/01/2023 :o

-60 hours: 14/01/2023 :o

-70 hours: 15/01/2023 :o

-80 hours: 17/01/2023 :o

-90 hours: 23/01/2023 :o

-100 hours!: 26/01/2023 :o

-200 hours!: 18/02/2023 :o

-300 hours!: 14/03/2023 :o

-400 hours!: 10/04/2023 :o

-500 hours!: 01/05/2022 :o

-600 hours!: 21/05/2023 :o

-700 hours!: 05/06/2023 :o

-800 hours!: 26/06/2023 :o

-900 hours!: 12/07/2023 :o

-1000 hours!: sadly not in the logs :<

-2000 hours!: 02/01/2024 :o Acesrt standing in front of a small cliff! The picture was taken near the hafh megabase.

And more to come in a bit!