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Hello, I'm a noob who once decided to join the MCO server (worst decission ever), and I enjoyed/ keep enjoying it JesusMRS: Toes

first message sent to the server, seven minutes after joining


JesusMRS started playing at july 28th 2021, he was greeted and told to read the rules by Mechman007, Unkle_Genny helped him get started, giving him some resources. He registered on obtober 3rd 2021 12:50 UTC and left for 26 days, after which, he joined and left again, this time never to be seen until almost a year later (except for one time that he joined on january first 2022, for less than a minute), when he really started playing seriously, on July 3rd 2022, and 5 days later, he promised to get aether kit (JesusMRS had not kits, and never voted until then)
JesusMRS promising to get aether kit oned ay after his first vote.png
This will end up being a lie, since if that was true, he would get aether at january 2nd 2024, but he ended up getting it on september 20th 2023 due to moderator discount.

JesusMRS became a moderator on monday, february 20th 2023 at 2:10 AM (UTC), and was made MOTM (mod of the month) for June 2023 after many months without MOTM, to be specific, June 1st 2023 20:41 (UTC), which is also JesusMRS' birthday, and got his MOTM title removed 2 months later, on August 1st 16:25 2023 (UTC)

hit 1000 hours time played on March, friday 3rd 2023

married with Korbs699 (in-game)

Obtained Bug Catcher achivement on June 5th 2023:

JesusMRS has completed the challenge: Bug Catcher
User JesusMRS

OG skin, it's a roblox noob, which represents humbleness, with a straw hat, because I like the anime "One Piece"

Known as JesusMRS
Gender Male
Location -17751 52 4375
Nationality Spanish
DOB 2005-06-1st
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined Wednesday, July 28 23:16:18 2021 (UTC)
First building A small wood and stonebrick tower

Staff member Moderator
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Aether
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Won second place in redstone event competition 2023 see top 3

Won first place in the spleef tournament during the october 1st 2023 pigchinko/spleef torunament, obtaining the "Silly Shovel"

My creations

City buildings

Map arts

A Spanish meme, that represents Chris Pratt along with the caption "el fin se acerca", which in Spanish means "the end is coming


  • Starbucks' logo

Commissioned by UncleHunter15

Created after starting The Pure Vessel, but before it was finished


Biggest mapart and biggest 3d mapart as of may 9th 2023, representing Pure Vessel, a boss from Hollow Knight


  • Jesus

A 2*3 3D map art of Jesus Christ holding the MCO logo




  • he's help WonkaOil420 with Kingcotta's logo map art
  • he's help Port Beerian remove a whole mountain, and placed many stone slabs, for Liberty Park, near the World Trade Center


"Also Jesus gjihnv then the abil it y to kick anyone try wan wu try out ten why sb to wriobitt ur" - Snowenti
JesusMRS' banhammer in banhammer island


JesusMRS killing the robot dragon
Ann The Red Panda's painting about JesusMRS' head
That one time I was a top voter on a 30 days count
My nominations for MCO awards 2023 (Image by Cosmic_potato_04
JesusMRS on top right of Port Beerian's Mount Rushmore
Spawn wall for MOTM June 2023

Alternate Accounts FranRS09 (no longer mainly my alt, now my brother plays)