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User _SkyFalls
Known as Sky
Gender Female
DOB -00-Not telling :3
In Freedonia
First joined April 16, 2020
First building Community center in Floral Heights
Donor level *** Donor III
Kit level **** Gold
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< Acesrt> Nya~ Sky
< _SkyFalls> Nya~ Ace

Sky is an American Minecraft player who joined MCO in late April of 2020. She left the server for personal reasons sometime in June of 2020 and returned to MCO during the Double Trouble Invasion, from which she has stayed relatively active ever since. She loves to give flowers away, and is often seen handing them out to people she meets.


Sky first joined in mid April of 2020, following the Fit Invasion of 4 4 2020. She was semi-active for about two months, before fully 'quitting' on June 22, 2020. She stayed off of MCO until the Double Trouble Invasion of 2023, in which she returned at the hight of the invasion. She decided from then on to stay and work to help better the community. Later on she began a town, called Floral Heights, and tried to contribute to many different projects throughout her time here.

Builds and Projects

Sky has worked on many builds since she rejoined: