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User AlphaAlex115
Known as Any alias will do Kittyboy666 OiTrowls
Gender Male
Nationality Sheep
DOB 1997-00-
In Freedonia
First joined June 27th 2013
Staff member Admin
Kit level ***** Nether
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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A wildcard player with a thousand aliases, AlphaAlex115, otherwise known as "Alpha" or "Alex" or "That derptard everyone loves" is one of MCO's most cherished trolls. He first joined the server some time in 2000 B.C.E and waited patiently until the day he could begin a campaign of annoyance across Freedonia. He is the puppy that bites your finger and then gives you the "puppy dog eyes." Too loveable to hate and too hateable to love, AlphaAlex is a prime example of trolling at its finest.

Has been banned more times than anyone can count, but due to overall niceness and non-threateningness, AlphaAlex has been recently re-released into the wild but plays under a different account. Allah only knows where his journey will take him next. God speed Alpha, GOD SPEED. AlphaAlex's 2019 perspective

A lost loser who, unlike many older players, cannot move on in life.

He created the Poetry Competition. As the competition failed to go anywhere, he now treats the page as a dump for all of his crap poetry. Most of these poems deal with loss. They view 2013 as the unattainable golden age of MCO.


I was buried on the beach today.

I knew it from my childhood.

A house overlooked it all.

My teacher said it would

Disappear in a hundred years by the

Oncoming erosion of the sea.

(every wall with green wallpaper

as mysterious as a mouldy kettle.

wet dogs and burnt toast.

musty furniture,

and nightmares of piano keyed

stairs that led to lime faces)

Walking round my buried beach

Where the wind grates salt

Against your cheek

Whilst you fade on the white day

Sloshed by a silvery sea up its side.

Coats rattle and ears muffle.

I don't know where we walk,

And I ask my dad and he only smiles.

We just walk along

The half-wet sands.

(dogs run off to chase seagulls)

No one else is in sight

On the big white day.

(I run after them)

And I have sand in my eyes -

Rubbing them despite my parent's

Care. (It will only make it worse,

(blink, they say, I blink, and blink)

And my wet hair falls on a cold pillow,

And my mummy singing a lullaby

Even though I'm too old. (I

fantasise that people in school knew

to surround me with cries of weirdo)

But I lived in those green walls.

The wind shook them at night

(and frightened dogs

ran up the


And the wallpaper

I peeled back, and back,

And I peered through to look

At my grave and knew the house

Was bigger than the sea.

Fun Facts

Despite being an admin, Alpha once held the spot of the lowest reputation in the server, and was the first to break -100 total reputation.