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User Andreaslag
Gender Male
Location Greece
Nationality Greek
DOB ????-08-31
In Freedonia
First joined 07 June 2020
First building near -12500, 13800
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Andreaslag's (then AquaZet's) Original Base, where he built a 4km dirt block road leading to it.

"i found a typo on the survival guide given at spawn, on page 36, instead of "alerted" it says "altered" - Andreaslag

Andreaslag (formerly known as AquaZet) is a player on MinecraftOnline. He is frequently seen in chat complaining about tps being 2-5, making memes about tps, and he is seen saying "gg" after a ban is delivered or after a player is paroled. He was basing close to Winterthorn, to the (previously secret) coordinates of around X:-8130, Z:5215. He previously lived near X:-12500, Z:13800 and he has claimed three islands close to these cordinates. The base near these coordinates has been made into a mini museum by Andreaslag, called "Andreaslag's Original Base", Andreaslag's first base before moving near Winterthorn. He made a 4km dirt block road leading to this place. He now lives in a 7 floor mansion in HellFireForge.

He also found a typo in the survival book made by Scampi_, which was said to be a big brain discovery.

On 3 April 2021 AquaZet changed his username to Andreaslag, which is now his current name.

On 19 March 2022 he likely became the first player to reach all the 4 corners of the server, and is also the owner of the westernmost house in the server just 5 blocks from the border.

Andreaslag's Mansion

Andreaslag's Mansion

In HellFireForge, a town and warp that was built during 2011-2012, he decided to build a new mansion that quickly became a landmark in this town in 2022 called Andreaslag's Mansion. It was originally a small house built in April 2021, with a small excavation in the mountain. In February 2022, he decided to excavate the mountain which was generated in 2010 and build a stunning mansion on it. This wasn't the only controversial thing he did, however, he also cut down the entire forest in the outer part of the town to get the materials for the mansion, but at least he replanted many saplings. He also assumed that the mountain was his because the mansion is built on it and named it mount Andelu. The mansion is built with stone, cobblestone, planks and glass to resemble the oldschool, 2011-ish style around the old buildings. The mansion and its floors look a bit weird and unorganized; this is to make it look like an art piece. The mansion's plan was to have 3 floors; Andreaslag decided to make an expansion to 6 floors, but it ended up 7 floors with an accessible roof. He isn't sure what to do with the mansion, since only 3% of it is actually used.

Four Corners Mission

Months after the August 2021 map expansion, in March 2022 he decided to visit the four corners of freedonia. He visited the westernmost point, became the third player to visit the easternmost point and also built the easternmost house in Freedonia, became the second player to reach the norhernmost and southernmost point, and is likely the first player to reach all four corners of Freedonia, celebrating his achievement on the southernmost point by placing a sign.

Andreaslag's (then AquaZet's) sign about tps

Andreaslag's Bases

Andreaslag loves to build new houses. In his opinion, it helps build the server, even by a bit.

  • First base (near -12500, 13800)
  • Second base (near -8130, 5215)
  • Third base (near BillionPenny tower)
  • Fourth base (a large mansion in outer HellFireForge)
  • Fifth base (outside EastAustania)
  • A hut 5 blocks from the easternmost point in the map, making it the easternmost house in the server.