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User At0m1Ca15
In Freedonia
First joined 28 October 2010
Kit level * Wood
Legacy donor level * Wood
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At0m1Ca15 is a former moderator on MinecraftOnline who was promoted on November 7th 2010, demoted due to inactivity on December 16th 2011.

Hello! Welcome to the page of At0m1Ca15, one of the older (position-wise) moderators on

I'm a bit rusty on wiki editing skills so... Yeah, plain text here. But then, the wiki is a bit new as well so, it's about the only content as of writing =D

Been a member since sometime in October, if you go behind the WoodenCastle warp you'll find a well created during some early exploration with my girlfriend, KeiaraValentine, and further down the path behind it, you'll also find a little house on a hill that belongs to us. Hopefully it hasn't been totally griefed to shit yet.

Created the Nazca monument/warp sometime in November 2010, and currently working on the giant floating guitar, which is hopefully to become Syn City when it finally reaches completion.

That's all for now.