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green_sculptures.png Guitar

View on 5 May 2011

Owner At0m1Ca15
Contributors Rayzion, Madjock999, mrawlins, Pettie
Category Sculptures
Underground? No
Started November 2010
Size north to south 300m
Size west to east 130m
Height 15m
Coordinates X=400
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The guitar is, as you might expect, a giant floating guitar a few minutes away from the mass of buildings encompassing Spawn.

It is still under heavy construction, with work having started in November 2010. It was created by former moderator At0m1Ca15, with the ideals of having a large creation being entirely hand-mined and crafted, in the midst of various moderator creations made using spawned items.

The initials loads of cobble were mined from a horizontal mine at UnderWorld, while later building efforts were completed with cobble contributions from various players, such as Rayzion, Madjock999, mrawlins, and Pettie.

While still under external construction, there are plans to turn the interior of the guitar's body into an enclosed city for invited players, under the name Syn City (this being a replica of the signature guitar of Synyster Gates, lead guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold).


  • The guitar encompasses a large area, hovering in a space roughly 300x130x15 in size.
  • Both the bottom and top surfaces of the body took approximately 12,000 blocks of cobble.
  • The guitar does not currently bear the correct colours of the IRL guitar it is meant to resemble, which has a black body with silver stripes. Due to there currently being no easy-to-produce black blocks, the guitar is being constructed with cobble until complete, at which time it may receive a temporary block replacement into obsidian/iron for images and videos, before being returned to a less decadent state.