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User BenjaminBsuper

The face of a Warrior

Known as Benjamin, Ben, BBS, Emperor, IBenS, Benjew, Benjajew (The Jew ones only used by Twan...)
Gender Male
Location Groningen, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
DOB 2002-02-17
Occupation Emperor of BenEm
In Freedonia
First joined 19 March 2017
First building BenjaminStad
Donor level ***** Obsidian
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Likes Heijmanboy

Creepers (Even more when charged)



Helping new players

Inviting people to BenjaminStad


Griefers MoonIsMyCity (For causing a flood of Czech and Slovak griefers with his dumb video)

Pictures of my journey

Me and Ivan
Yay I got gold rank!
Me with "Natasja" (The Charged Creeper)
Cerv, Me and Anna (from left to right) at Batugus Labs
Me, thesprazzzler, and Cardcarrot(from left to right) at the Spawn Visitor Centre
Me with the BenjaminStad Hotel in the background
Me, in my Porcelain Throne in the BenEm Meeting Center