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nexus_cities.png BenjaminStad

One of the first pictures of BenjaminStad

Founder BenjaminBsuper
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? Partially
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Size north to south 900m
Size west to east 1200m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-3472
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

BenjaminStad (meaning BenjaminCity in English) is a large city located on the snowy plains near the Power Plant. It was founded on the 19th of March, 2017 by BenjaminBsuper. It is regarded as one of the biggest cities, with a very high population count.

The city is the center of the Benjamese Empire that rules the area around the city.


To limit the growth of the amount of grief builds, all builders need to ask BenjaminBsuper permission to build. The city rules are:

  • BenjaminBsuper can remove, sell, or edit your building
    • For example, if the building location obstructs future expansion plans for the city.
  • PVP isn't allowed, in accordance with the Peace Contract 2017. Self-defense is permitted.



BenjaminStad was founded on 19 March, 2017. There was almost no growth in the early days of the city, and some people migrated away because the town was too small. The city experienced rapid growth in mid-August, with the population rocketing from 2 to 30 in four days. Many homes were built and the once-small town Benjamin founded wasn't so small anymore, rapidly evolving into a city.

Skyward Expansion

In June of 2018, Avanlance created Tokaido Tower, pretty much out of nowhere. This skyscraper is one of the tallest in the Empire. The sudden creation of this tower inspired hprick to start Project Fleetgate, which sadly was never finished. Benjamin worked on preparing BenjaminStad for more high-rise development.

Capital of the Empire

As the center of a large and developed area, BenjaminStad is the capital city and focal point of the Benjamese Empire. Important issues in the Empire are discussed in BenjaminStad.

Cities in the Empire are:

BenjaminStad (Capital)







Greenhaven Village


Nieuw Inverness


Pallet Town


Numington Town

Silver Lake

New Snak City

Santa Luca

Finni's Village




BenjaminStad is one of the few cities in Freedonia that's almost entirely built on a flat surface. In Dutch fashion, the city is built on land reclaimed from a lake. It's based on a grid-like planning, but due to many new builds, parts of this grid are not so clear anymore. Still, the blocky layout is pretty clear. Most of the builds are decorated spruce boxes that were given or sold to new players. New players would get one of these boxes and were allowed to edit them. Due to this, many different types of houses can be found, all consisting of a cobble/spruce/spruce logs cube in the centre.


BenjaminStad is located 4km from Spawn, 1km from Ampcity, 500m of the Power Plant and 100m from Tomé City.

The easiest way to get to BenjaminStad is to use the Nexus system, NW (Purple) 3. The nexus pad lands you right in the middle of the city.

You could also walk to BenjaminStad with the highway from Spawn to Ampcity, you need to walk until you see the wooden bridge on the left side of the road. Take the bridge and go down the ladder to enter the city. This way takes some time.

For those traveling to BenjaminStad by boat it is connected via a canal to the Enjoku Route. Take the BenEm boat route (constructed by hprick): through the Benjamese Empire Junction by following the buoys marked Red, Cyan, and White. It took a long time to make since ice surrounds the area.

There is no rail link to BenjaminStad and none is planned. The high cost of a long railway, and thus very long travel times in slow minecarts, makes it not worth doing. The Nether Highway project inspired BenjaminBsuper to think about making an NHS link from Spawn to BenjaminStad and another over to Ampcity, but in the end he didn't see any reason to proceed with these projects at the time. Rail links to other BenEm towns are being planned so, maybe a connection with other cities in the future.

BenjaminStad got a Nexus link 11 November 2017 from North West (Purple) 3.

Goal BenjaminBsupers goal is to have a city with people that build together instead of seperately,like the building, the Treehouse. It is a building that was build by Turn_Off and CheetoZzZ. This goal has been reached in several occasions not only in BenjaminStad, but also in for example Tussenstad, a sister town of BenjaminStad under BenEm, where the three mayors have built many big buildings together, like Brandarix Tower ( hprick and IvanLeshev) and a house in the south ( Avanlance and crazy_kvo).

Notable buildings

Treehouse seen from the water
The house of Turn_Off, in the distance you can see the buildings of the nearby Tomé City
BenjaminStad seen from the map

Peace Contract

We have joined the "Peace Contract" of Peaceful Society,


Click to see!

Population track

First count 28 (19 Aug. 2017)

Reached the 30 (12:15 20 Aug. 2017) (Second count)

Third count 34 (21 Aug. 2017)

Fourth count 37(22 Aug. 2017)

Not counted 37 (23 Aug. 2017)(Probably)

Fifth count 38 (24 Aug. 2017)

Reached the 40 (11:45 25 Aug. 2017)

Sixth count 43 (25 Aug. 2017)

Seventh count 49 (26 Aug. 2017)

Reached the 50 (11:30 27 Aug. 2017)

Eighth count 51 (27 Aug. 2017)

Nineth count 56 (28 Aug. 2017)

Tenth count 59 (29 Aug. 2017)

Reached the 60 (11:20 30 Aug. 2017)

Eleventh count 63 (30 Aug. 2017)

Reached the 70 (19:10 31 Aug.2017)

Twelfth count 70 (31 Aug. 2017)

Thirteenth count 72 (1 Sep. 2017)

Fourteenth count 78 (2 Sep. 2017)

Reached the 80 (11:40 3 Sep. 2017)

Fifteenth count 83 (3 Sep. 2017)

Sixteenth count 88 (4 Sep. 2017)

Seventeenth count 89 (5 Sep. 2017)

Eighteenth count 89 (6 Sep. 2017)

Nineteenth count 89 (7 Sep. 2017)

Twenteeth count 89 (8 Sep. 2017)

Reached the 90 (13:10 9 Sep. 2017)

21st count 91 (9 Sep. 2017)

22nd count 95 (10 Sep. 2017)

23rd count 97 (11 Sep. 2017)

24th count 97 (12 Sep. 2017)

25th count 97 (13 Sep. 2017)

26th count 97 (14 Sep. 2017)

27th count 97 (15 Sep. 2017)

Reached the 100 (14:55 16 Sep. 2017)

28th count 101 (16 Sep. 2017)

29th count 101 (17 Sep. 2017) (From this date it will be only notated if the population changes)

30th count 104 (22 Sep. 2017)

31st count 105 (24 Sep. 2017)

32nd count 106 (26 Sep. 2017)

33rd count 108 (28 Sep. 2017)

34th count 109 (2 Oct. 2017)

Reached the 110 (19:30 3 Oct. 2017)(35th count)

36th count 111 (8 Oct. 2017)

37th count 112 (16 Oct. 2017)

38th count 113 (27 Oct. 2017)

39th count 115 (28 Oct. 2017)

40th count 116 (18 Nov. 2017)

41st count 118 (19 Nov. 2017)

Reached the 120 (14:30 25 Nov. 2017)

42nd count 120 (25 Nov. 2017)

43rd count 121 (26 Nov. 2017)

44th count 122 (29 Nov. 2017)

45th count 123 (30 Nov. 2017)

46th count 125 (8 Dec. 2017)

I lost track...I Don't know how much there are now...

47th count 126? (4 Mar. 2018)

The population is 126? as of 8 Dec. 2017

List of people in BenjaminStad

  • Red__ (Banned from the Server)
  • Droop (Banned from the Server)

Banned players

These players are banned from BenjaminStad. Their safety is not guaranteed in BenjaminStad and the area around it. Puppy_The_Husky (Banned from server too)